Citrus Eggs and Peach Strawberrys

23.02.2015 Misc #Food #Japan

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ye-10In Japan gibt es anscheinend nicht nur Erdbeeren, die nach Pfirsichen schmecken, sondern auch Eier mit Zitronenaroma. Ich muss da dringend mal hin.

Special [Yuzu Tamago] from Kochi Prefecture that smell, and taste, like yuzu, one of Japan’s most delicious citrus fruits. And yes, the scent is all natural. […]

Kochi makes up the southwest corner of the island of Shikoku, and the prefecture is famous for its yuzu orchards. More flavorful than orange yet sweeter than grapefruit, yuzu gets used as a seasoning for all sorts of dishes, and can also be used to make delicious juice or liqueur. At Yamasaki Farms, though, the chicken feed contains yuzu peels (or “zests,” if you want to use the same term as recipes for orange and lemon cakes). The yuzu peel then imparts its aroma, as well as some of its flavor, to the eggs the birds produce.