Musiclinks: Joanna Gruesome, Interpol, Hundret Waters, METZ, Egotronic, The Cribs, Liam Lynch

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Oben erstmal ein paar Tracks aus meinem Soundcloud-Feed der vergangenen Woche. Nach dem Klick noch jede Menge Mixe, EPs, Tracks und ein paar Musikvideos, unter anderem mit neuen Videos von METZ, The Cribs, Liam Lynch und Pete Doherty, einem Remix-Albumstream von Hundret Waters, einm Punk-Remix von Egotronic, jede Menge Tracks der fantastischen Joanna Gruesome, eine Interpol Live-EP und jede Menge mehr, nach dem Klick:

METZ – Acetate

Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund split 12"

Shoegaze: An Oral History | Wondering Sound: It’s hard to think of a rock subgenre as fondly remembered or as reverentially discussed by its disciples as shoegaze. A short-lived British musical scene that grew out of London and the Home Counties in the late ’80s, the sound — soft vocals submerged in a whirlpool of amorphous, distorted guitars — has been an influence on groups like Deerhunter, the Horrors, Hookworms and M83, and a resurgence of interest in the genre, has led to the reformation of founding groups like Slowdive, who recently enjoyed a successful U.S. tour, and Ride, who will reunite to play live shows and headline festivals later this year.

cbgbOur Hole in the Wall: An Oral History of the CBGB Scene — Cuepoint — Medium: Marky Ramone: I played [at CBGB] with three different bands: Wayne County & the Backstreet Boys, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, and The Ramones. You could say I was the house drummer. So I started hanging around there, and that’s where I met [everyone]. You know, Debbie Harry, the members of The Ramones, The Dolls. There was a camaraderie. And we were grateful to have a place like that. In reality, it was just a hole in the wall. But it was our hole in the wall. The place was all wood. The house system kicked ass. There were no doors on the bathroom [stalls]. There was dog shit on the floor. I guess you could say that was the charm of it. But Hilly was a great guy. He took a chance and his chance definitely worked.

Blur announce The Magic Whip, their first new album for 12 years: The Magic Whip features the full Blur lineup of Albarn, Coxon, Rowntree and James, and fans can celebrate with a June gig in London’s Hyde Park.

Interpol’s Spotify Sessions EP Live At Electric Lady: Interpol recorded a Spotify Sessions EP in New York’s legendary Electric Lady studios featuring several songs from last year’s El Pintor. The session also includes some recorded musings about recently being snowbound, whether or not they’re NYC’s rock ambassadors, and the writing process behind some of their songs.

Sleater-Kinney – A New Wave

Egotronic c'est moi – Maybe Someday

Du Blonde – Black Flag

Florence & The Machine – What Kind of Man

The Cribs – Burning for no one

Palma Violets – Danger in the Club

Liam Lynch – It Is What It Is

Toro Y Moi – Empty Nesters

This Will Destroy You – New Topia

Peter Doherty – Flags of the Old Regime

Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like a Bell (Remixed)

Jack White – III

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