Algo-Kimilsungism: Auto-Generated Slogans for North Korea

Nette Spielerei von Herrn Shardcore mit den 300 neuen Superparolen von Nord Korea, die er per Markov Chain zu Algo-Poetry verwurstet.

brillanceNorth Korea recently published a list of 300 patriotic slogans, which read remarkably like Markov generated sentences. I’ve never been a huge fan of Markov chains for creating text, since the results can be somewhat haphazard and ungrammatical. However, when the source text is itself haphazard and ungrammatical, it seems fitting.

@nk_markov takes these 300 aphroisms as source for a Markov system, and generates new pithy slogans and marries them to images of the glorious leader himself.

Shardcore: @nk_markov