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InstaDoom: Doom-Mod with a Selfie-Stick

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InstaDoom, ein Doom-Mod mit Selfie-Feature inklusive Stick und Instagram-Filter.

diwlXajThat's right, now you can play Doom with any one of no less than 37 real Instagram filters, all painstakingly recreated in the Doom engine! Memento Mori with Mayfair! Requiem with Rise! Icarus with Inkwell! Alien Vendetta with Aden or Valencia! […] You want to show the world how hott you are while you do it, and now you can! Use the latest in stick technology to get more of yourself in the shot! It's American President Approved!

InstaDoom: screw #nofilter (RC1) (via Martin)



Kowloon Arcade Walkthrough

In Japan gibt es (natürlich) eine Kowloon-Walled-City-themed Arcade-Halle. BeatdownBoogie waren dort uns sind mit einer Kamera durchgelatscht: Und apropos Abandoned Krams und Arcade: Vor ein…

R-Type – The Anime

R-Type – The Anime

„This is an homage to arcade classic R-Type and 90’s anime - with each second of animation containing around 17 drawings. […] Animated and written…


Guns replaced with Selfie-Sticks

A Tumblelog of greatness: Guns replaced with Selfie Sticks. Wie Thumbs & Ammo, nur mit Selbstportraitkamera-Verlängerungsvorrichtungen.


WuCraft: Wu-Tang Clan x World of Warcraft

Von Phill Harmonixx und Mega Ran: „WuCraft is a labor of love project mashing the classic, hard hitting beats from Wu-Tang with stories and topics…


Doom on a Chainsaw

A Toy-Chainsaw, that is: „It’s a Raspberry Pi Zero, that I crammed into an Echo Junior Chainsaw toy, along with a bunch of other things,…

Warcraft-Trailer recreated in World of Warcraft

Warcraft-Trailer recreated in World of Warcraft

Captain Obvious is obvious, but I just love recursion at work. (via Kotaku) Making of und Vergleich mit dem Film-Trailer:


Doku: Killerspiele 2 – Der Streit eskaliert

Christian Schiffer, Herausgeber des hervorragenden Gaming-Mags WASD, hat für ZDFInfo eine dreiteilige Doku-Reihe über Ego-Shooter aka Killerspiele gedreht. Den ersten Teil hatte ich vor ein…


Civ6 is coming in October!

There goes my Q4 2016: Civilization 6 is coming in October, with big changes.

Ultraviolent Claymation Doom

Ultraviolent Claymation Doom

Lee Hardcastle macht Doom in Knet-Animation: Hardcastle auf NC: Quentin Tarantinos Ghostbusters 3 made from Clay Lee Hardcastles ultraviolent Claymation-Witch-Musicvideo Evil Dead 2 in Claymation…


Ghost in the Machine: Player Two

„Based on a YouTube comment by 00WARTHERAPY00“:

FITC 2016 Retrogame-Animation-Titles

Nette Title-Animation von Giant Ant für die 2016er FITC-Designkonferenz in Toronto mit jeder Menge Retrogames, von Pong bis Shooter: