chop1Clemens Weisshaar und Reed Kram machen nach ihrer 2010er Industrial-Robot Lightpainting-Installation am Trafalgar Square wieder 'was mit Bots und lassen vier Industrieroboter Schaumstoff zerhacken: Robochop.

ROBOCHOP uses the communication process of the Internet of Things and especially one of the central ideas of the “industry 4.0″ concept: consumers can develop their products themselves and communicate directly with the producing machines. Utilizing a web app, users manipulate the raw material – a cube measuring 50 x 50 x 50 cm – to create an individual object. The finished product is then packed and shipped to the user. ROBOCHOP is expected to produce up to 2,000 objects from these cubes during CeBIT.

code_n: ROBOCHOP – the CODE_n15 installation