Berlin Wall stitched on Fotos


Diane Meyer fotografiert die Standorte der Berliner Ex-Mauer und stickt sie mit Nadel und Faden wieder zurück in die Fotos. Schick!

To find her way along the wall’s route, Meyer used a walking trail the city established in 2006. In spots where the path veered off because new structures or buildings got in the way, she used an app that gave the exact location. […] Much later, Meyer printed her images and began stitching directly on the photos. She doesn’t obscure the scenery where the wall once stood. Instead, she carefully matches the colors of her threads to what’s on the photo, creating a sort of pixelated, semi-translucent wall. Most of the time, the embroidered wall follows the exact path and even matches the old height.

Raw File: Photos With Embroidered Pixels Trace the History of the Berlin Wall