Brutalist Papercraft-Architecture


Brutalistische Architektur als Bastelbögen vom polnischen Designstudio Zupagrafika, kaufen kann man einzelne Bögen und Brutalist Architecture Papercraft-Typography in ihrem Shop. Mehr auf Behance: Brutal London, Block Wschodni und Blokografia. (via Phaidon)

A collection of paper cut-out models representing brutalist architecture of London from 1960s-1970s. The series features various buildings scattered around the districts of Camden, Southwark and Tower Hamlet. The `raw concrete` London tour begins with iconic tower blocks (Balfron Tower and Space House), leads through council estates doomed to premature demolition (Robin Hood Gardens and Aylesbury Estate) and concludes with a classic prefab panel block (Ledbury Estate). The collection is made up of five illustrated models to assemble and exhibits all kinds of original details present on the buildings` facades.