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Greedo Fish

Gepostet vor 1 Jahr, 4 Monaten in Science Und so. Animals Fish Names StarWars

greedoMeet Peckoltia Greedoi, ruthlessly fished by Smuggler Han Solo.

A new paper published in ZooKeys tells the tale of three scientists from Auburn University in Alabama who discovered a new species of catfish; a suckermouth armored catfish from the family Loricariidae, to be exact. Oh, and they named it the Peckoltia greedoi. […]

The scientists sound the fish in Brazil’s rio Gurupi drainage, which I imagine is pretty similar to what the Mos Eisley cantina smells like.

Mary Sue: This Is A New Species of Fish Legitimately Named After Star Wars’ Greedo

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„Friends don't let friends, etc., etc.“ (via Sascha)


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Magic Leap does Augmented Reality-Star Wars

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