Portraits of Hairless Dogs


Sophie Gamand fotografiert nach ihren Hippie Pitbulls jede Menge haarloser Hunde, die Bilderserie ist demnach völlig angemessen mit Prophecy. The End is nigh. betitelt.

The physical qualities of hairless dogs and the mystery surrounding them inspired me to create a gallery of faces like old wise men or philosophers, shamans from a different era, maybe a different universe. Gamand imagined her models as prophets or mad scientists, grabbing us and planting their eyes deep into ours, shaking us and shouting, as Philippulus the Prophet in The Adventures of Tintin would: "The judgment is upon you! The end is near!". Nature looking straight at us and begging us to repent.

Sophie Gamand: Prophecy. The End is nigh. (via Colossal)