Links: Occupy Burning Man, Mein Coke, Samplerman Comics and 70 Days of Lying in Bed for Science

08.02.2015 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier die Links, die in der vergangenen Woche so liegengeblieben sind, unter anderem mit kurdischen feministischen Anarchisten, alle US-Vizepräsidenten mit Oktopoden auf ihren Köpfen, einer Minidoku über Tornado Man und jeder Menge mehr, nach dem Klick:

Power and Money


Occupy Burning Man: Class Warfare Comes to Desert Festival - Bloomberg Business: For his 50th birthday, Jim Tananbaum, chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, threw himself an extravagant party at Burning Man, the annual sybaritic arts festival and all-hours rave that attracts 60,000-plus to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada over the week before Labor Day. Tananbaum’s bash went so well, he decided to host an even more elaborate one the following year. In 2014 he’d invite up to 120 people to join him at a camp that would make the Burning Man experience feel something like staying at a pop-up W Hotel. To fund his grand venture, he’d charge $16,500 per head.

murderThe Gacy Files: One Detective's Quest to Identify A Serial Killer's Lost Victims - BuzzFeed News: Thirty-five years after Chicago’s infamous “killer clown” was convicted for murdering 33 men, eight of John Wayne Gacy’s victims remained unidentified. Jason Moran, Cook County’s one-man cold case unit, has made it his mission to find those names, exposing what has been called our criminal justice system’s “silent mass disaster.”

Anarchists vs. ISIS: The Revolution in Syria Nobody’s Talking About | CVLT Nation: The Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Kurdish National Council (KNC) established in the region of Rojava a society that mixes fierce libertarianism (guns are everywhere and there are no taxes – none) and Occupy-friendly anarchist thought with a healthy dose of feminism. While most Kurdish groups, especially those the US is friendly with, would some day like to establish a Kurdish state, in Rojava they have leap-frogged over the idea of the nation state into a more advanced system that they call Democratic Confederalism.



Coca-Cola Suspends Automated Tweet Campaign After Being Tricked Into Quoting Hitler | Adweek: Coca-Cola has suspended its #MakeItHappy automated social campaign after a prank from Gawker had the brand inadvertently tweeting out several lines from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Graphic footage: fanning the flames or bearing witness? — the team — Medium: editor-in-chief Andy Carvin challenges his own assumptions of when it’s ethical to publish graphic footage and when it isn’t. […] „Sometimes it's food that triggers the flashes. Cauliflower, spaghetti. Smell of burnt meat.“

Network structure and dynamics in online social systems - O'Reilly Radar: What role does content have in the formation of these cascades? Social networks are difficult environments to study such questions, as they make it hard to assess what caused a piece of content to go viral (was it the content itself, or another factor, like the person who shared it). What would be nice is to have a laboratory where viral content is being generated and is paired adjacently with less viral content.

Art and Design


James Trainor » Taxonomies of Lost NYC Playgrounds: As they became a fixture of urban planning in the last century, playgrounds also became a significant intersection of architecture and social science. These photographs capture the high ambitions at the heart of many of the more adventurous ones dreamed up in New York.


Samplerman - 50 Watts


Hand-lettered 2015 Resolutions


Vice Presidents — Veeptopus: Every Single U.S. Vice President With An Octopus On His Head.



Deep Lab: Deep Lab is a congress of cyberfeminist researchers, organized by STUDIO Fellow Addie Wagenknecht to examine how the themes of privacy, security, surveillance, anonymity, and large-scale data aggregation are problematized in the arts, culture and society. During the second week of December 2014, the Deep Lab participants—a group of internationally acclaimed new-media artists, information designers, data scientists, software engineers, hackers, writers, journalists and theoreticians—gathered to engage in critical assessments of contemporary digital culture. They worked collaboratively at the STUDIO in an accelerated pressure project, blending aspects of a hackathon, charrette, and a micro-conference.

Watch a new US scheme that will use jet planes to launch satellites - Quartz: Strap a rocket to the bottom of a fighter jet and launch it into space from high altitude.

Why Google Glass Broke - This is a story that involves lots of public intrigue, a futuristic wearable technology, a secret laboratory, fashion models, sky divers and an interoffice love triangle that ended a billionaire’s marriage. This is the story of Google Glass.


Tornado Man on Vimeo: What if you had an idea that you believe could change the world? How would you convince people that your idea could become a reality? Retired engineer Louis Michaud has worked for decades on a green energy invention he believes could solve the world's energy problems: a tornado machine.

Word Map: This experiment brings together the power of Google Translate and the collective knowledge of Wikipedia to put into context the relationship between language and geographical space.


How I Felt After 70 Days of Lying in Bed for Science | VICE | United States: I woke up on December 2, and for the first time in 70 days, I stood up. Or at least I tried to. The nurses wheeled me over to a hospital bed that would be tilted vertically, with blood pressure cuffs hugging my arm and my finger, an ultrasound machine pointing at my heart. Then they told me, with the encouragement that you'd give a toddler learning to walk, to try standing for 15 minutes.

otziScientists Have Mapped All of Ötzi the Iceman's 61 Tattoos: Anthropologists mapped the ink on the 5,300-year-remains using a new imaging technique, revealing previously-unknown tattoos. With this new census in hand, researchers hope to finally answer the question of what the tattoos mean.

Meet Walter Pitts, the Homeless Genius Who Revolutionized Artificial Intelligence: Walter Pitts was used to being bullied. He’d been born into a tough family in Prohibition-era Detroit, where his father, a boiler-maker, had no trouble raising his fists to get his way. The neighborhood boys weren’t much better. One afternoon in 1935, they chased him through the streets until he ducked into the local library to hide. The library was familiar ground, where he had taught himself Greek, Latin, logic, and mathematics—better than home, where his father insisted he drop out of school and go to work. Outside, the world was messy. Inside, it all made sense.

Riding Light on Vimeo: In our terrestrial view of things, the speed of light seems incredibly fast. But as soon as you view it against the vast distances of the universe, it's unfortunately very slow. This animation illustrates, in realtime, the journey of a photon of light emitted from the surface of the sun and traveling across a portion of the solar system, from a human perspective.

Encounter with the Infinite: How did the minimally trained, isolated Srinivasa Ramanujan, with little more than an out-of-date elementary textbook, anticipate some of the deepest theoretical problems of Mathematics—including concepts discovered only after his death?


The Bad Sleep Well (1960) - The Geometry of a Scene - YouTube: One of Akira Kurosawa’s many gifts was staging scenes in ways that were bold, simple and visual.

The Puppets Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shop - YouTube: When we talk about puppets in television and film, Jim Henson is the first name that comes to mind. Henson's legacy endures at his Creature Shop, where fabricators, engineers, and animators continue crafting the art of puppet-making and performance. We're privileged to be able to visit Jim Henson's Creature Shop and learn how modern technologies combine with classic techniques to bring characters to life.



From Cocaine Disco to Electronic Dance: the Loaded Legacy of Casablanca Records — Cuepoint — Medium: How an iconic 1970s record label, fueled by substance abuse and bad behavior, survived to embrace a modern generation of dance music

The Believer - A River Runs Through It: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios, its ownership, and other black memories

Royal Blood - Out of The Black

Kwabs – Perfect Ruin

Like a Lead Balloon - The Morning News: coming up with a name is half the challenge. A linguistic take on how we name bands today.

The Science Of Misheard Lyrics or Mondegreens - The New Yorker: My sister has a rare talent for mishearing lyrics. When we were younger, song meanings would often morph into something quite different from their original intent. In one Wallflowers hit, for instance, she somehow turned “me and Cinderella” into “the incinerator.” My favorite, though, remains that classic of the swing age, “Drunk driving, then you wake up”—a garbling of the Louis Prima hit that saw a brief resurgence in the nineties, “Jump, Jive, an’ Wail.”


dadMy Dad, the Pornographer - At 12, Dad wrote a novel of the Old West. He taught himself to type with the Columbus method — find it and land on it — using one finger on his left hand and two fingers on his right. Dad typed swiftly and with great passion. In this fashion, he eventually wrote and published more than 400 books. Two were science fiction and 24 were fantasy, written under his own name; the rest were pornography, using 17 pseudonyms.

2014 Locus Recommended Reading List

How different was Martin's original Game of Thrones outline?: “As you know, I don’t outline my novels. I find that if I know exactly where a book is going, I lose all interest in writing it.” So says George R.R. Martin at the start of his letter outlining A Game of Thrones and the rest of A Song of Ice and Fire to his publisher. The letter was posted by the Twitter account of the British bookseller Waterstones, and confirmed by HarperCollinsUK’s account.


Bericht vom 42. Comicfestival in Angoulême - Arte Journal - YouTube:


"VEv" - Shortfilm on Vimeo:

South Horizons on Vimeo: “They’re safeguarding an artificial paradise”. A personal portrait of Hong Kong, filmed during the spring of 2014.


Metrolaut 23 – Verschwörung und Theorie | Die 23. Folge lässt nur ein Thema zu: Verschwörungen und Verschwörungstheorien. Dazu haben wir uns den international renommierten Experten und Verschwörer Frank Rieger eingeladen. Mit ihm sprechen wir über das, was wirklich geschah.

Longform Podcast #127: Molly Crabapple: As long as the marginalized communities I’m writing about don’t think I’m full of shit, that’s success to me.