Tolle Meme aus Afrika: Zimbabwes Seniordiktator Robert Mugabe hats gestern auf 'nem Flughafen auf die Fresse gelegt (Video), und obwohl die Regierung Druck auf die Fotografen ausübte, wurden die Bilder davon veröffentlicht und selbstverständlich werden die Fotos jetzt durch Photoshop gejagt und unter #MugabeFalls auf Twitter gepostet. Großartig!

B9JWvUfCMAAqWpDThe brief moment was captured by photographers at the scene, who were then pressured by government officials to immediately delete any images of the incident. Nevertheless, photos were published by the Associated Press and other outlets, triggering a deluge of photoshopped images on Twitter and other social networks. The hashtag #MugabeFalls was born and quickly took on a life of its own. […]

The country’s Information Minister attempted some Orwellian double-speak, telling reporters that Mugabe had managed to break the fall, and cited other “examples of leaders who have stumbled, from Jesus to George W. Bush,” the AP reported.

Quartz: The fall of Robert Mugabe may not be televised—but it has already been ruthlessly photoshopped