Acid Trips x Job Recruiter eMails


Erowid ist eine Online-Datenbank voller LSD-Erfahrungsberichte und jeder Menge Infos zu allen möglichen Drogen. Und wenn man die mit Mails von Headhuntern für Tech-Jobs masht, bekommt man ein regenbogenfarbenes Psychedelic Human Assessment Center voller Dope: Erowid Recruiter, „A Markov-powered mashup of Erowid trip reports and tech recruiter emails.“ So many favorites…

- One morning I woke up in a close-knit group of top Stanford faculty.
- We like our company trip to happyville
- *Unmanageable, all-consuming, undefined terror *Self-revulsion and shame, stemming from being completely convinced of my senior recruiters
- YC-backed startup that is not a serious psychonaut attempt to escape.
- Your Specialties: Obsessed with keeping up-to-date with the underlying consciousness grid, god, gaian supermind, universal consciousness
- Hello Kyle, I'm reaching out to you because I didn't die, didn't even recognize my parents at this point, will definitely work more on this
- Hi Zachary, Hope your week is going horribly slow, i want this to end.
- I'm focused on UI development & implementation, with an indescribably furious power.
- Zach, I love your profile on GitHub and noticed you were an experienced 2-CI tripper.
- There was no music in the Cloud Performance Management space
- I've tried marijuana, salvia, DXM, ... but I've never done a cursory read of your blog, you have had experience

Erowid Recruiter (via JWZ)