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Hier die Links, die in den letzten Wochen liegengeblieben sind, unter anderem mit jeder Menge Ninjatunes-Mixe, einer 4-Stunden-Edit von Peter Jacksons Hobbit, einem DDoS-Puzzlegame, alten Daumenkinos, einer Dame, die keine Angst fühlen kann, Artes Städe der Zukunft-Dokus und jeder Menge mehr, nach dem Klick:



Wheel It Up: History of the Rewind — Cuepoint — Medium: A good rewind is that rare thing in life: a product of the moment. If the timing is right, a rewind will bring excitement to the dancefloor, a celebration of the music being played, an energy charge for the place and the people.

bjorkThe Invisible Woman: A Conversation With Björk | Pitchfork: With each album she makes, Björk immerses us in a fantastical universe of her own design. Now, on Vulnicura, she’s letting us in to her world—though it is not necessarily one of her own choosing. The album outlines the dissolution of Björk’s relationship with her longtime partner, the artist Matthew Barney. She confesses the devastation with candor. By the third song, “History of Touches”, she’s lying awake in bed, indexing the past with startling intimacy: “Every single fuck we had together is in a wondrous time-lapse with us here at this moment,” she laments over glistening synths. She details her struggle to keep her family intact, limning distance, rejection, and the death of their covenant. The blunt force of her words is striking. And damning.

The Next Peak Vol I (Twin Peaks Tribute) | Retro Promenade: A Retro Synth Tribute to the Twin Peaks Soundtrack Inspired by Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch's Music

"Old English" ft. Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs & A$AP Ferg (prod. by Salva & Nick Hook)

Luke Solomon - Essential Mix - 17-Jan-2015 by Eric-Prydz_EssentialMix
Clarian: Music To... Be Soft Touched By by i-D
Mikey IQ Jones - The Essential Yellow Magic Orchestra by FACT mag
Kevin Saunderson b2b Seth Troxler - Movement Detroit 2014 by paxahau
Carl Craig Boiler Room & Ballantine’s Stay True Germany Live Set by BOILER ROOM on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
S.P.Y. - Essential Mix - 10-Jan-2015 by shish kebab
Prydz x Olander BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 2015-01-03 by Jeremy Olander
Exclusive: Laidback Luke b2b Gina Turner live at Holy Ship! 2015 by Mixmag
Solid Steel Radio Show 19/12/2014 - Coldcut by Ninja Tune
Solid Steel Radio Show 23/1/2015 Part 1 2 - Legowelt by Ninja Tune
Solid Steel Radio Show 2/1/2015 Part 1 2 - BNJMN by Ninja Tune
Solid Steel Radio Show 9/1/2015 Part 1 2 - DK by Ninja Tune
Solid Steel Radio Show 16/1/2015 Part 3 4 - Scott Grooves by Ninja Tune
Solid Steel Radio Show 23/1/2015 Part 3 4 - DJ Food by Ninja Tune


Popeye Loops

I have recut Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy into a single 4-hour film | The Hobbit: The Tolkien Edit: I decided to condense all three installments (An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies) into a single 4-hour feature that more closely resembled Tolkien’s original novel.

Cahiers du Cinema 100 Films | The Moving Arts Film Journal: Storied French film journal, Cahiers du Cinema, is one of the most influential and respected film publications in the world. In 2008 they published a list of the 100 greatest films of all time, irrespective of genre or nationality. It is as follows…

Evolution of the Dolly Zoom on Vimeo



The Queen Of Code | FiveThirtyEight: Grace Hopper worked on the first computer, the Harvard Mark 1. And she headed the team that created the first compiler, which led to the creation of COBOL, a programming language that by the year 2000 accounted for 70 percent of all actively used code. Passing away in 1992, she left behind an inimitable legacy as a brilliant programmer and pioneering woman in male-dominated fields.

Zerogon (By Joshua Planz & John Mattiuzzi) on Vimeo: A lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world.

VICTOR on Vimeo: Victor is a short film about imagination, solitude and the sometimes blindfolded quest for happiness. This whimsical journey follows Victor, a peculiar man who has some interesting ideas about how to make friends. With an optimistic plan and a few technological tricks, Victor shows that sometimes all you need is a little help to notice what’s been right in front of you all along.

Sværvægter (Heavyweight) on Vimeo: After realizing that his 6-year-old son thinks he is working as a police officer punishing villains, a burdened parking attendant feels inspired to use his infamous profession to turn vigilante.

Last of You / מקום שאינו כאן on Vimeo: In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recollections of his late wife. When it's time to move to a safer place and leave the memories behind, Yonatan holds on to the remnants of the past and refuses to face the harsh reality.

ATROPA -- Sci-fi Short on Vimeo: An Off-World Detective investigates the missing research vessel ATROPA. Concept short inspired by '70s and '80s sci-fi classics like Alien and Blade Runner.


Reprogramming Super Mario World from Inside The Game | Hackaday: [SethBling] recently set a world record speed run of the classic Super Nintendo game Super Mario World on the original SNES hardware. He managed to beat the game in five minutes and 59.6 seconds. How is this possible? He actually reprogrammed the game by moving specific objects to very specific places and then executing a glitch. This method of beating the game was originally discovered by Twitch user [Jeffw356] but it was performed on an emulator. [SethBling] was able to prove that this “credits warp” glitch works on the original hardware. Related: Hacking Pong into a glitched Super Mario Game

Killer App: A DDoS puzzle game - Projects - It's very tentatively called Killer App, and was intended to include a built-in LOIC so you could specify a URL and launch a very minor but still very real DDoS attack by playing the game. The idea was that the high score tables would not list individual players, but show the most targeted URLs and the number of garbage packets sent to them via the game. I decided not to do that in the end since I could, uh, probably get in a lot of trouble for distributing it.

Devs Play S01E05 - Doom (Part 1 - Intro) 60fps - YouTube: John Romero Plays Doom

Face-Stabbing and Cop-Killing: Inside 2015's Most Controversial Video Game | VICE | United States: Destructive Creations isn't the first game developer to realise it's better to be widely reviled than ignored, but it's surely among the most shameless. "Bring it everywhere and let the haters hate!" reads the announcement post for charming shooter Hatred, in which a hulking hairy man guns down cops and civilians.

A retrospective on the stories and aesthetics of 8­bit music | CHIPFLIP: When practitioners of 8­bit music like me write about the genre, it is hard to ignore the skills and effort needed to make the music. To play 8­bit music you need to master a not­so­intuitive software interface in order to communicate with a computer chip, that in return produces bleeping sounds from cheap digital logic. On or off, increase or decrease. These inputs are the basics of digital technologies, making it as if there is something timeless about 8­bit music, although it might seem really old: 30 years in digital terms is the equivalent of something like 1001011001010101011111101011 years.

Inside the Largest Virtual Psychology Lab in the World — Backchannel — Medium: Riot Games wants you to behave yourself when you play League of Legends, so it’s turned the game into a virtual lab


Karikaturisten - Mit dem Bild zu Wort gemeldet - YouTube

Every X-Man Ever - YouTube: Dive into our video timeline infographic detailing everyone who ever joined Professor Xavier's team of X-Men. Yes, you read that right: This is Every X-Man Ever!

Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Comic Book Artist: To learn more about what the average career of a comic book illustrator is like, we spoke with Matt Haley. Matt's been illustrating comics professionally for over twenty years with DC, Marvel, and more, and told us about how he packed his life into a truck for a chance to get into comics.

#fourcomics unleashes a stream of comics we love on Twitter — The Beat

Terms of Service - The Comic



Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world.

The Doves Type | Doves Press Font | The updated Doves Type Regular, released in January 2015, comes after the discovery in the Thames of a portion of the original metal type and replaces the initial Imprint weight.


Presidents Medals: Mining Cenotaph


BusinessTown: An ongoing project attempting to explain our highly intangible, deeply disruptive, data-driven, venture-backed, gluten-free economic meritocracy to the uninitiated. With apologies to Richard Scarry.

REMAP (2014). Signal-to-Noise. Oliver Wilshen and Niall Quinn: This prototype electro-mechanical sound device is based on the Roland DXY pen plotter, a discontinued printing technology of the 1980s, combined it with audio cassette tape technology in order to playback prerecorded ‘found’ sound recordings from a magnetically encoded audio tape surface. The resulting installation is a multi-temporal assemblage of these marginalised technologies, a hybrid sonic drawing device able to recall and explore archival media. Within these recordings, existing narratives are disrupted and fragmented, straying from chronological order into non-linearity. This draws on analogies to both the device’s merged hardware assembly and to the ‘media archaeological’ interweaving of media timescales and histories.


BLDGBLOG: Brooklyn Super Food

Seeing the Sort: The Aesthetic and Industrial Defense of “The Algorithm” | NMC Media-N: In the 1960s, computer programmers at TRW wrote to a leading journal to complain about the ambiguity of the word “algorithm.” They asked: Was it or was it not the same as a mathematical formula? [1] In reply, computer scientist Donald Knuth argued that an algorithm was not a formula, but rather a word computer science needed to describe a strategy or “an abstract method” for accomplishing a task with a computer. While a mathematical formula or a computer program can be thought of as a finite set of instructions represented in a particular way (e.g., in a computer programming language) an algorithm could be an idea “divorced” from a mechanism that implements it.

flipFlipping Out Over Handheld Movies, a Century Before Smartphones | Collectors Weekly: When artist Ben Zurawski sits down at his light table to create a palm-size flip book designed to deliver about 15 seconds of animated action to one viewer at a time, he typically unwraps a fresh pack of 100-pound index cards, places 60 or so before him, picks up a mechanical pencil, and begins to draw. From start to finish, including storyboarding, penciling, rubbing out mistakes with a wadded-up ball of gum eraser, inking, and stapling, the whole process can take a week, maybe two, depending on its scope. Price tag: Just under $400.

Can art still shock? | Books | The Guardian: We are all […] bohemians now – and therefore unshockable by art. And if this is true, it signals a grand and maybe melancholy shift in the nature of art, and in the relation of art to society.

What is ‘Post-digital’? | a peer-reviewed journal about_: post-digital subculture, whether in Detroit, Rotterdam or elsewhere, is on a fundamental level not so different from such mainstream Silicon Valley utopias. For (Van Meer), the main reason why art students prefer designing posters to designing websites is due to a fiction of agency – in this case, an illusion of more control over the medium.



Wake No More — Matter — Medium: For most teenagers, getting out of bed in the morning is a drag. But when Lloyd Johnson was 13 years old, he suddenly found waking up not just irritating, but agonizing and confusing. Sometimes he would open his eyes and already be in the car on the way to school — with no memory of showering or getting dressed. Other days, his family would drag him outside and pour water over his head to stir him, but still he’d remain asleep. His toughest mornings began when he woke up in an empty house, realizing that his family had simply given up on waking him.

Meet the woman who can’t feel fear - The Washington Post: when researchers expose her to creepy crawlies in the hope of inducing some kind of response, her innate curiosity means she has to be held back from touching poisonous creatures.

3dskullMan Saves Wife’s Sight by 3D Printing Her Tumor | MAKE: When his wife was misdiagnosed, Michael Balzer used 3D printing and imaging to get her well

Radical Linguistics in an Age of Extinction | Dissent Magazine: Modern linguistics is founded on a radical premise: the equality of all languages. “All languages have equal expressive power as communication systems,” writes Steven Pinker. “Every grammar is equally complex and logical and capable of producing an infinite set of sentences to express any thought one might wish to express,” says a recent textbook. “The outstanding fact about any language is its formal completeness,” wrote Edward Sapir, adding elsewhere for rhetorical effect: “When it comes to linguistic form, Plato walks with the Macedonian swineherd, Confucius with the head-hunting savage of Assam.”

BBC News - Scientists slow the speed of light: A team of Scottish scientists has made light travel slower than the speed of light. They sent photons - individual particles of light - through a special mask. It changed the photons' shape - and slowed them to less than light speed.


Body of Knowledge: New Machine Can See Bones, Organs in Stunning Detail

laikaLaika and Her Comrades: The Soviet Space Dogs Who Took Giant Leaps for Mankind | Collectors Weekly: The dog Laika, the first living being to orbit the Earth, lives on in our memories. Her lethal Sputnik 2 mission, when she was an unwitting pioneer in the USSR’s space program more than 57 years ago, has stuck in our collective consciousness. Her story is central to Lasse Hallström’s 1985 movie, “My Life as a Dog,” and the 2005 Arcade Fire song, “Neighborhood #2 (Laika).” She’s had bands named after her, monuments erected to her, and countless mementos made with her image.

Ageing research: Blood to blood : Nature News & Comment: By splicing animals together, scientists have shown that young blood rejuvenates old tissues. Now, they are testing whether it works for humans.

Laser flight path caught on camera for the first time - tech - 27 January 2015 - New Scientist: Pew pew! Researchers have created the first video of a laser bouncing off a mirror.

Solving an Unsolvable Math Problem - The New Yorker: Pure mathematics, as opposed to applied mathematics, is done with no practical purposes in mind. It is as close to art and philosophy as it is to engineering. “My result is useless for industry,” Zhang said. The British mathematician G. H. Hardy wrote in 1940 that mathematics is, of “all the arts and sciences, the most austere and the most remote.” Bertrand Russell called it a refuge from “the dreary exile of the actual world.” Hardy believed emphatically in the precise aesthetics of math. A mathematical proof, such as Zhang produced, “should resemble a simple and clear-cut constellation,” he wrote, “not a scattered cluster in the Milky Way.” Edward Frenkel, a math professor at the University of California, Berkeley, says Zhang’s proof has “a renaissance beauty,” meaning that though it is deeply complex, its outlines are easily apprehended. The pursuit of beauty in pure mathematics is a tenet.


Städte der Zukunft | ARTE Future: 2050 wird es insgesamt neun Milliarden Menschen auf der Erde geben, 80 % der Weltbevölkerung werden in Städten leben. Wird das derzeitige Landwirtschaftsmodell auch in Zukunft noch praktikabel sein, um alle diese Menschen zu ernähren?

The wearable tool, the new Leatherman Tread - Leatherman Blog

20-ton magnet heads to New York | symmetry magazine: A superconducting magnet begins its journey from SLAC laboratory in California to Brookhaven Lab in New York.

How Paper Magazine’s web engineers scaled Kim Kardashian’s back-end (SFW) — The Message — Medium: Via email, Jacobs told Knauss that PAPER believed “they’ve got something that they think will generate at least 100 million page views, and will their current infrastructure support that?” “This sort of cold thrill goes down my spine,” Knauss said, “and the only thought that makes it out of my brain is, ‘Eep.’” He continued: “I reflexively begin designing the architecture in my head. It’s a nerd impulse. Dogs chase after thrown balls, system administrators design to arbitrary traffic.”


The Deep Mind of Demis Hassabis — Backchannel — Medium: In the race to recruit the best AI talent, Google scored a coup by getting the team led by a former video game guru and chess prodigy

emuThe Emularity « ASCII by Jason Scott: That’s Netscape 1.0n, released in December of 1994, running inside Windows 3.11, released in August of 1993, running inside of Google Chrome 39.0.2171.99 m, released about a week ago, on a Windows 7 PC, released in 2009. Welcome to the Emularity, where the tools, processes and techniques developed over the past few years means we’re going to be iteratively improving the whole process quicker, and quicker, and we’ll be absorbing more and more aspects of historical computer information. Now the stage is set – the amount of programs that can be run inside the browser is going to increase heavily over time. The actions that can be done against these programs, like where they can be pulled from or pushed out to, will also increase.

The AI Revolution: Road to Superintelligence - Wait But Why: Imagine taking a time machine back to 1750—a time when the world was in a permanent power outage, long-distance communication meant either yelling loudly or firing a cannon in the air, and all transportation ran on hay. When you get there, you retrieve a dude, bring him to 2015, and then walk him around and watch him react to everything. It’s impossible for us to understand what it would be like for him to see shiny capsules racing by on a highway, talk to people who had been on the other side of the ocean earlier in the day, watch sports that were being played 1,000 miles away, hear a musical performance that happened 50 years ago, and play with my magical wizard rectangle that he could use to capture a real-life image or record a living moment, generate a map with a paranormal moving blue dot that shows him where he is, look at someone’s face and chat with them even though they’re on the other side of the country, and worlds of other inconceivable sorcery.

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MACHINES THAT THINK? | In recent years, the 1980s-era philosophical discussions about artificial intelligence (AI)—whether computers can "really" think, refer, be conscious, and so on—have led to new conversations about how we should deal with the forms that many argue actually are implemented. These "AIs", if they achieve "Superintelligence" (Nick Bostrom), could pose "existential risks" that lead to "Our Final Hour" (Martin Rees). And Stephen Hawking recently made international headlines when he noted "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race."



Jon Ronson in Conversation with Adam Curtis | VICE | United Kingdom: Sometimes Adam will say something that seems baffling and wrong at the time, but makes perfect sense a few years later. I could give you lots of examples, but here's one: I'm about to publish a book – So You've Been Publicly Shamed – about how social media is evolving into a cold and conservative place, a giant echo chamber where what we believe is constantly reinforced by people who believe the same thing, and when people step out of line in the smallest ways we destroy them. Adam was warning me about Twitter's propensity to turn this way six years ago, when it was still a Garden of Eden. Sometimes talking to Adam feels like finding the results of some horse race of the future, where the long-shot horse wins.


Are You “Internet Sexual”? — Matter — Medium: Welcome to Chaturbate, where live-cam performers engage in the wild and the weird. But watch it long enough and you realize that social media has created a whole new sexual persuasion. So, how “internet sexual” are you?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: In my life, I have given a fuck about many people and many things. I have also not given a fuck about many people and many things. And those fucks I have not given have made all the difference.

Lovecraftian Bestiary


newsCache of Historic Newspapers Unveils the Mysteries of Old New Orleans | Collectors Weekly: Whether you’re into comic books, antique jewelry, or vintage motorcycles, it typically takes a lifetime to build an admirable collection, years spent scouring flea markets, garage sales, and auction houses for each new addition. But for Joseph Makkos, a writer with a passion for antiquated printing techniques, his prized collection appeared all at once—in the form of a Craigslist ad offering thousands of historic New Orleans newspapers. For free.

Working at “The Onion”: Adventures in Tastelessness: Another joke of Carol’s was to say, on a crowded subway, “Did you hear about Maria’s new boyfriend?” I enjoyed this, so I’d always go, “What? Maria’s dating someone?” I’d be pleasantly surprised. “How long’s this been going on?” Carol would act like someone who has a secret she shouldn’t tell. I’d pressure her to spill. After some back and forth, she’d say, “He fucks her with a gun.”

Future of News Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian, once said: “It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world everyday always just exactly fits the newspaper.” Today, it doesn’t fit.



Post-Internet-Art - Die Kunst der digitalen Eingeborenen: Von virtuellen Utopien und Kunst im Cyberspace wollen sie nichts mehr wissen: Ausgerechnet die sogenannten Digital Natives – nach 1980 geboren und mit dem Internet groß geworden – haben sich von einer Medienkunst, die nur im Netz existiert, längst wieder abgewandt.

HT: 21 Jan 15 Werner Herzog: Draw up a list of the greatest living film makers and Werner Herzog would surely occupy a prominent place. He is responsible for some of the most wildly beautiful images captured on film. If you've seen Fitzcarraldo you won’t have forgotten the steamship being hauled over a mountain. He's seen as the film industry's obsessive genius; the director who once threatened to shoot his lead actor to prevent him quitting. After five decades making movies is Werner Herzog's love of film as intense as ever?

WDR Feature: Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg? Von Kartoffelchips, Teppichmessern und einem Hund mit rosa Pfote: Museen sollen bewahren. Aber was tun, wenn die Röhren für eine Video-Installation von Nam June Paik nicht mehr aufzutreiben sind? Oder eine Installation mit Kartoffelchips zu gammeln beginnt? Neue Chips kaufen oder ab damit auf den Müll?

Witness: The Death of Al Capone: He was one of the most notorious gangsters in depression-era USA. His niece Dierdre remembers her uncle Al.

Dem Täter auf der Spur: Kurze Geschichte der Kriminalistik. Von Joachim Meißner | Etwas Blut, ein Fingerabdruck, eine Stimmprobe - heute reichen nur wenige, manchmal mikroskopisch kleine Spuren aus, um Täter zu überführen oder Beschuldigte zu entlasten. Mit hochmodernen Techniken versuchen Stimmexperten, Rechtsmediziner oder Molekularbiologen Verbrechen aufzuklären, Tatorte zu analysieren, Abläufe zu rekonstruieren. Doch Spürnase, Kombinationsgabe und Experimentierfreude sind nach wie vor wichtig, um dem Täter auf die Spur zu kommen.

Futur III: Warum konnten sie Jeremy nicht einfach abnippeln lassen? Das fragt sich Meigan jeden Tag, wenn sie ihren Bruder anschaut, beziehungsweise das, was von ihm übrig ist. Im Jahr 2020 stirbt man nicht mehr. Wenn der Körper versagt, kommt das Bewusstsein in einen Kubus, 30 x 30 x 30 cm Elektronengehirn zum Anbeten für die Angehörigen. Buch: Max von Malotki; Regie: Thomas Leutzbach

WDR Feature: Crystal Meth - Die Droge zum Selbermachen: Crystal Meth verursacht eines der größten Drogenprobleme der USA. Im Unterschied zu anderen harten Drogen ist Meth billig und kann selbst zusammengebraut werden. Wer einmal süchtig ist, kommt kaum davon los; denn Crystal Meth ist die Droge mit der höchsten Rückfallquote.

Power and Money


Beautiful Portraits Of Auschwitz Survivors - BuzzFeed News: As the liberation of Auschwitz approaches its 70th anniversary this month, Reuters photographers took portraits of now elderly survivors.

National Secular Society - Charlie Hebdo Editorial: Je Suis Charlie Means Je Suis Secularism: This is a translation of the editorial from the first Charlie Hebdo published since the Paris attacks. It is reproduced here in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

The millions of anonymous people, all the institutions, all the heads of state and government, all the political, intellectual and media celebrities, all the religious dignitaries who this week proclaimed "Je Suis Charlie" should know that also means "I am secularism." We are convinced that as far as most of our supporters are concerned, that goes without saying. The others can do what they like with it.

Last but not least. We would like to send a message to Pope Francis, who this week, he as well, "is Charlie": We will only accept that the bells of Notre Dame are ringing in our honour when it is the Femen who are ringing them.


How ISIS Went Viral — Matter — Medium: ISIS mixes new-media savvy with medieval savagery. It’s a diabolical marketing strategy that led us right back into war—and one that future terror groups will surely copycat. Or try to top.

Damage: When I was younger, someone took a knife to my clitoris and cut out a small but significant part of me. I blamed my mother. I despised her. I loved her.

In Your Wildest Schemes: The Market vs. Climate Change — The Nib — Medium: The free market won’t stop climate change, but its failure is inspiring the people who will

The YouTube Interview with President Obama - YouTube:

Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President — Medium: Bethany Mota, Glozell Green, and I got an opportunity that a lot of people don’t think we deserved.

The Weird Science of Naming New Products - For decades, corporations have turned to creative people for their naming needs, with varying results. In 1955, a Ford Motor marketing executive recruited the modernist poet Marianne Moore to name the company’s new car. The marketing department had already created a list of 300 candidates, all of which, the executive confessed, were “characterized by an embarrassing pedestrianism.” Could the poet help? In a series of letters, Moore proposed dozens of notably nonpedestrian names — Intelligent Whale, Pastelogram, Mongoose Civique, Utopian Turtletop, Varsity Stroke — but the marketing team rejected them all, instead naming the new car (in one of the great disasters, naming and otherwise, in corporate history) after Henry Ford’s son, Edsel.

Trolls/Illiberal Left (Netculture Anomalities)


Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers, the Sociopaths of the Virtual World: The Albion Park section of Second Life is generally a quiet place, a haven of whispering fir trees and babbling brooks set aside for those who "need to be alone to think, or want to chat privately." But shortly after 5 pm Eastern time on November 16, an avatar appeared in the 3-D-graphical skies above this online sanctuary and proceeded to unleash a mass of undiluted digital jackassery. The avatar, whom witnesses would describe as an African-American male clad head to toe in gleaming red battle armor, detonated a device that instantly filled the air with 30-foot-wide tumbling blue cubes and gaping cartoon mouths. For several minutes the freakish objects rained down, immobilizing nearby players with code that forced them to either log off or watch their avatars endlessly text-shout Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Get to the choppaaaaaaa!" tagline from Predator.

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, SAY IT IN ALL CAPS | This American Life: The Internet is the one place where it’s safe to say whatever you want — nobody will know it’s you. But the same protections that make commenters invulnerable are what make the Internet scary — even downright dangerous — for the commented upon. In this week’s show: what happens when the Internet turns on you?

Why "Don't Feed the Trolls" Doesn't Work. (with images, tweets) · Cernowatch · Storify: Gamergate is not a new thing or an anomaly, it's just a bigger version of the same plain old internet harassment that didn't make the news.

The invasion boards that set out to ruin lives - Boing Boing: Internet harassment doesn’t just stay on the internet any more. Banned from 4chan, the 'net's worst trolls are making life hell for "social justice warriors"—and anyone else that takes their fancy.

Trolls, Net Morality, and Types of Societies: A part of new generation residing in the Internet space, Troll, is threatening netizen’s well-being. A troll is a person who interrupts communications on the Internet, and often seen as problematic or even criminals. According to Durkheim, the order of society is maintained by morality. Morality has definite rules and conducts which every member of the society agrees upon and depends on. Morality is functional since it has authority and regularity. Therefore people know how to behave and what is right or wrong offline. In the Internet space, however, people do not perceive clear codes of conducts on the Internet, nor authority and regularity, according to the result of this study. Unlike offline morality reinforced by education, that online morality have not been shared and not even discussed so provides the existence of Troll.

When you suddenly find out you're white (with images, tweets) · IjeomaOluo · Storify: A helpful stranger on the internet informed me that I am white. Time to make some life changes.

Liberals and the Illiberal Left - The Atlantic: Professors and other employees at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center have been forbidden from addressing students and prospective students with the title “Mr.” and “Ms.” because, campus leaders say, the terms may be offensive.

Not a Very P.C. Thing to Say: How the language police are perverting liberalism : TrueReddit