Self-Amputating Scorpions can't shit

Ananteris Skorpione können, wie manche Reptilien, ihren Schwanz abbrechen. Der Nachteil für Skorpione: Am Ende davon befindet sich ihr Arschloch. Und da die Wunde danach vernarbt, kann der Skorpion nie wieder kacken. Ich dachte, Ihr solltet das wissen.

A scorpion’s anus isn’t where you think it probably would be. Instead, it’s at the end of the tail. The gut extends all the way through the tail and opens up at the back of the fifth segment, just before the bit with the sting. So, when a scorpion performs autotomy, it leaves the final bits of its digestive tract writhing on the ground. And since the tail never grows back, that scorpion can never defecate again.

National Geographic: How the Scorpion Lost Its Tail (And Its Anus)