Fast Food Sleepers

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Fotos schlafender Menschen aus Asien gibt es viele, das hier sind wohl die ersten von Träumern in Fastfood-Ketten, von Sabrina Merolla: All China's Fast Food Dreams, hier ein Interview mit der Dame. (via Martin)

During the last decades fast-food restaurants have been witnessing to a revolution of contemporary Chinese families' structure and life arrangements. Proposing cheap American foods and dreams (a different life-style for the new consumers), foreign fast-foods have become part of urban spaces for an innumerable mass of people. They have become recognizable familiar simulacra for both, the local and the outsider. More than this, hidden in every anonymous compound of skyscrapers, they have lately surged up to an unspoken new role, they have become shelters.

Fast food sleepers are a common presence in every fast-food chain in China. Young jobless migrants looking for luck in the megalopolis, homeless grannies left apart from the new society, young students going to the big city for university admission tests, drunk men and women who just do not want to go back home tonight, lunatics and, in general, anybody who cannot afford the price of a cheap hotel room and is looking for a warm night refuge.

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