Zim & Zou and the Museum of Supernatural History


Zim & Zou haben wieder Papercraft- und Ledersachen gezaubert, diesmal für ein Schaufenster in Shanghai. I love their stuff.

The concept was inspired by a Museum of Natural History, melted with a Cabinet of Curiosities. The windows, hand-made with paper and leather, are an invitation to wander. Passers-by were suddenly walking through the corridors of a mysterious Museum, straight from the street. The themes were inspired by nature, the two main windows were about Air and Water, and the two smaller ones about Earth. All the animals were carefully handcrafted using leather offcuts from Hermès workshops in Paris. In the water themed window, a 5 meters dinosaur paper skull is swimming through the room (plesiosaurus skull). The whole project required almost 3 months of work, and the support of a great local team.

The Museum of Supernatural History (via Designboom)

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