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Pixel Hairthing

Gepostet vor 1 Jahr, 4 Monaten in Fashion Hair Pixel


Haarefärben im Pixelart-Style: „An innovative coloring process that achieves a new chromatic dimension and color pixelated effect on the hair, while playing with movement and transforming these textures into the appearance of the pixel effect“. Yes please! (via Martin)

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40 Years of Goth

Endlich mal ’ne vernünftige Version dieser beknackten Beauty-Clips: „Goth Fashion 1976-2016: From UK punks to Nu Goth witches, watch the evolution of goth clothing, hair…


8-Bit UHF

All Characters from Weird Al Yankovics UHF in 8 Bit by Randy Riggs.


Voxels by Carma

Beautiful Voxel-Landscapes and Objects by Sir Carma, more on his Imgurs and the Tweeties.


Long Live Petas New Flesh

Peta macht einen auf Cronenberg und eröffnete einen „shocking pop-up shop in one of Bangkok's hippest shopping malls to show consumers the suffering behind every…


Song Wig

Stupid but lol: „Song Wig is a hairpiece of cords and earbuds. Earbuds at the tips of the “hair strands” make it easy for the…


Questions raised by „racist“ Hair-Search-Algorithms

Great Points by Leigh Alexander regarding the „racist“ Google Image-Algorithm and the search results for „unprofessional/professional hair“. (On those last two questions I tend to…


Scientist Fight Moves

Diego Sanches hat für ein Mini-Fight-Game jede Menge Pixelwissenschaftler animiert und ihnen ein paar Kickass-Moves verpasst. Ich liebe Charles Darwins Evolution-Headbutt, Stephen Hawkings Wormhole-Technique und…


Book Scarves

Ganz großartige Schals aus dem Etsy-Store FreshComfy mit Illus, Cover und Karten (zum Beispiel von Mittelerde und Hogwarts) aus Literaturklassikern. Love these. 💕 Mein Favorite,…


Manga-Eyed Fashion-Thing

I have no idea where this CLosed-Eyes-Manga-Eye-Painting-Thing came from and I have even less of an idea what a Gareth Pugh is, but I creeplove…


Victorian Wig-Maker

Nettes Browsertoy vom Victoria and Albert Museum: Mit Design A Wig kann man Marie Antoinette-Poufs zusammenklicken. Und das Teil ist komplett FSM-kompatibel:


Sex Pistols Chucks

Oh we're so pretty oh so pretty. In ’ner gelbpinken Bollocks-Edition hätte ich vielleicht zugeschlagen, aber so… pff. (via Coudal)