Pirating the Oscars 2015

Andy Baio hat seine jährliche P2P-Analyse der oscarnominierten Filme veröffentlicht:

piratingoscarsAlready, with a month to go before the ceremony, 92% of this year’s nominated films have already leaked in DVD or higher quality, more than last year. (Inevitably, this number will rise in the days leading up to the ceremony.)

The big change: A staggering 44% of this year’s crop of nominees leaked as a high-quality rip from some source outside of traditional screeners or retail releases — the highest percentage since I started tracking films in 2003.

The insatiable appetite for HD video led pirate groups to find new pipelines for sharing films before they even reach voters’ mailboxes, and in much better quality. These new sources for HD leaks, lurking anywhere from mastering studios to the mailroom, may be much harder for the MPAA to find than leaks from their own members.

Pirates are now watching films at higher quality than the industry insiders voting on them.

Message: Pirating the Oscars 2015 – HD Edition