AI Mario

Stephan Ehrenfeld und Fabian Schrodt von der Uni Tübingen haben für die AAAI Video Competition eine SuperMario-Lebensform gecoded. Der Klempner kann grundlegende Gefühle erleben und ist sich darüber „bewusst“, eine Figur in einem Game zu sein. Und wer kann am allerbesten über sowas schreiben, wenn nicht Charlie „Black Mirror“ Brooker himself, der da jetzt einige creepy Parallelen zum BM-Weihnachtsspecial zieht:

marioAt one crucial point in the promotional video Mario learns that jumping on a Goomba (the scuttling mushroom enemies common to all Mario games) will cause it to die, thereby making him a self-aware murderer trapped in a cartoon world, his cheerful surroundings belying the achingly bleak nature of his existence. In order to win the woman of his dreams, Mario is compelled to kick in the heads of his enemies while gathering gold coins. I’d be astounded if the self-aware Mario doesn’t wind up muttering to himself, walking in circles and tumbling off high platforms in an apparent bid to end it all. Come to think of it, that accurately displays my inept playing style. Guess I’ve just been trying to help him out all these years.

In fact, this could provide the startling-yet-hideous concept for a whole new genre of video game – a cutesy platform game in which you control a biologically realistic lead character who’s begging you to punish and kill him as efficiently as possible, moaning enthusiastically whenever you mistime a jump and cause him to fracture his ankle on a cartoon rock.

Guardian: The new Mario is self aware. How long before he goes inside you to fix things?