Austerity! – Monopoly for the New Oligarchy

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Us vs Th3m haben das olle Monopoly für zeitgemäße Bankster aktualisiert, inklusive HighRez-Vorlagen zum Ausschneiden und Selberbasteln:

austerity2Originally created as a satire on capitalism, Monopoly has now become a flagship game for Donald Trump enthusiasts of all ages. So we decided to fix it – and the new game of AUSTERITY! was born.

Here’s how it works:
1) Players are divided into two categories, BOSS and PLEB. There can be only one BOSS and they’re also the banker – they get £5,000 given to them at the start, and every time they pass Go. The PLEBS receive a meagre £57 and are frankly doomed from the off. Whoever in the group was born into the most inherited wealth becomes the BOSS, they’ve clearly earned their privilege. Everyone else is a PLEB.
2) The BOSS moves around the board on the outer ring, with the large squares. The PLEBS are restricted to the painfully slow inner ring.
3) The BOSS may purchase any properties landed on, from the very beginning of the game. PLEBS must complete one full circuit of the board before they are allowed this privilege.
4) The BOSS may offer “competitively” rated loans to any player who runs out of money.

Us vs Th3m: It’s time to play AUSTERITY! The depressingly accurate Monopoly for the now! (via c77)

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