Links: Choose your own Poetry Slam, a Timeline of Ramen, KaleidoComix, Gotham 7.5K and the coldest place on Earth

17.01.2015 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier die Links, die in den letzten Tagen liegengeblieben sind, unter anderem mit Acid Pauli live beim Burning Man Festival, einem 1959er Essay über Kreativität von Isaac Asimov, Die Zeit über ihre verschleppte Mitarbeiterin Miao, eine Kunst-Konversation zwischen einer Feministin und dem Roosh-Spacko, Jeremy Rifkin über postkapitalistische Wirtschaftsformen und jede Menge mehr, nach dem Klick:



What It's Like Living in the Coldest Town on Earth | WIRED: It got down to -24 degrees Fahrenheit in Oymyakon, Russia, over the weekend. As frigid as that seems, it’s typical for this town, long known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth. If that kind of number is hard to wrap your brain around, such a temperature is so cold that people here regularly consume frozen meat, keep their cars running 24/7 and must warm the ground with a bonfire for several days before burying their dead.

On Edgar Allan Poe by Marilynne Robinson | The New York Review of Books: Edgar Allan Poe was and is a turbulence, an anomaly among the major American writers of his period, an anomaly to this day. He both amazed and antagonized his contemporaries, who could not dismiss him from the first rank of writers, though many felt his work to be morally questionable and in dubious taste, and though he scourged them in print regularly in the course of producing a body of criticism that is sometimes flatly vindictive and often brilliant.

Portland Poetry Slam - "Choose Your Own Adventure" (NPS 2014) - YouTube

detroitDetroit in the 1940s - The Atlantic: The early part of the 20th century saw the city of Detroit, Michigan, rise to prominence on the huge growth of the auto industry and related manufacturers. The 1940s were boom years of development, but the decade was full of upheaval and change, as factories re-tooled to build war machines, and women started taking on men's roles in the workplace, as men shipped overseas to fight in World War II. The need for workers brought an influx of African-Americans to Detroit, who met stiff resistance from whites who refused to welcome them into their neighborhoods or work beside them on an assembly line. A race riot took place over three days in 1943, leaving 34 dead and hundreds injured. After World War II ended, the demand for workers dried up, and Detroit started plotting its postwar course, an era of big automobiles and bigger highways to accommodate them.

Love and Beauty in a time of machine intelligence - The European: Last year at the San Francisco Bay Area event ‘Transhumanist Visions’, I presented on a question that had perplexed me for the last few years, the idea of whether a futurist technological age – some sort of singularity era – was aesthetically ‘beautiful’. As a philosophy student I had debated the definition of ‘beauty’ with my classmates, arguing over the Kantian idea that beauty might be a symbol of morality. In the the Critique of Aesthetic Judgement, Kant describes how beauty is universal, the only experience on this earth that can be felt by all of us, without a need for communication. In this way, beauty gives humanity a ‘sensus communis’, or a sense of harmony, because of the common experience shared when we see something purely beautiful.


A Timeline of Ramen Development | Lucky Peach: 2000 BC—Invention of noodles. Fossils discovered near China’s Yellow River suggest that the first noodles were made during the Late Neolithic period. Scientists speculate that the noodles were made from a combination of foxtail and broomcorn millet.

M29 - Berlins Buslinie der großen Unterschiede: Von den Villen in Grunewald über den Kudamm vorbei am KaDeWe, dann Checkpoint Charlie und Görli bis nach Neukölln: Eine Tour mit der Buslinie M29 führt durch das soziale Universum der Stadt. Statistiken zeigen die Gegensätze – Haltestelle für Haltestelle.

The WELL: Bruce Sterling, Cory Doctorow & Jon Lebkowsky: State Of The World 2015: It's a new year and it's time for the 2015 edition of the State Of The World discussion featuring Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky. This year, they are joined by special guest, Cory Doctorow.

William Gibson at the Chicago Humanities Festival: Technology, Science Fiction & the Apocalypse - YouTube: On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his landmark novel "Neuromancer," CHF favorite William Gibson returns to the Festival. This autumn he’ll celebrate the publication of his latest work, "The Peripheral," a high-tech thriller set partly in a decadent postapocalyptic future. Gibson is joined in conversation by author Carol Anshaw.



THE HORRORS OF IT ALL: Army of Scorpions!

kaleidKaleidoComix Pt.1 on Behance
KaleidoComix Pt.2 on Behance
KaleidoComix Pt.3 on Behance
KaleidoComix B/W on Behance

Joe Sacco: Ein zeichnender Reporter | intellectures: Joe Sacco reist seit Jahren in die Krisenherde der Welt, um als Comicjournalist vom Schicksal der Menschen zu berichten. Mit »Der Erste Weltkrieg. Die Schlacht an der Somme« hat er ein historisches Panorama vorgelegt, das die Materialschlacht sichtbar macht und zeigt, wie sich das Individuum in der Masse auflöst.

Richard McGuire: Comic Hier in der Kritik - SPIEGEL ONLINE: Vor 25 Jahren erschuf Richard McGuire einen genialen Comic: Auf sechs Seiten glückte es ihm, die menschliche Idee von Zeit und Raum infrage zu stellen. Jetzt erscheint die Langversion dieser Idee. "Hier" ist 300 Seiten lang - aber genauso genial.

Argentinien: Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Familie | ZEITmagazin: Ein argentinischer Comicautor erschafft einen Helden, der verzweifelt versucht, seine Familie zu finden. Jahre später, unter der Militärjunta, wird die Geschichte schreckliche Wirklichkeit.

Marvel Comics Delve Into the Making of Star Wars - YouTube

Art and Design


Gotham 7.5K by Vincent Laforet (Storehouse): A Rare High Altitude Night Flight Above NYC

Published for the First Time: a 1959 Essay by Isaac Asimov on Creativity | MIT Technology Review: Presumably, the process of creativity, whatever it is, is essentially the same in all its branches and varieties, so that the evolution of a new art form, a new gadget, a new scientific principle, all involve common factors. We are most interested in the “creation” of a new scientific principle or a new application of an old one, but we can be general here.

papercutsCarlo Fantin’s Paper-Cut Works Poke Fun at Our Devotion to Social Media

KIDDIEPUNK - ZAC'S HAUNTED HOUSE - DENNIS COOPER: Dennis Cooper’s tenth novel bears all of the earmarks of his legendary and controversial work — intricate formal and stylistic play, disturbing content, an exploration of the borderline between fantasy and reality, concern for the emotions and dilemmas of youth, etc. — but it is both something unique in his body of writing and possibly something of a world’s first in the novel genre itself. Instead of gathering materials from language, sentences, and the developmental character and narrative possibilities allowed and restricted by written fiction, Cooper has turned his characteristic inventiveness on the animated gif, employing gifs’ tightly wound, looping visual possibilities, nervous rhythms, tiny storylines, and their status as dismembered, twitching eye candy to compose a short novel of unexpected complexity, strangeness, poetry, and comedy.

A Monopoly On Logic: A Feminist Artist Interviews The Internet's Most Infamous Misogynist - ANIMAL: If you’re a feminist, setting yourself up to have a one-on-one conversation with manosphere blogger, notorious pick-up artist, and world traveling get-laid-quick strategist Roosh V might not be an ideal situation…so how did I end up talking to him for over 2 hours? I have been seeking out the women Roosh has slept with in an effort to hear their perspectives, which are lacking in the book-based and internet accounts of his conquests. While seeking out these prospective interviewees, I realized that the project could also be an opportunity to try to understand Roosh’s motivations and practice. As an artist interested in creating discussions about feminism in spaces that are typically hostile toward it and creating platforms for women’s voices in underrepresented spaces, I decided to pursue a rare opportunity to interview Roosh himself.

Juan Velasco On Infographics: Research Is Key on Vime: Founder and Creative Director of 5W Infographics Juan Velasco is one of the biggest names in information design today. He was the Art Director of National Geographic Magazine from 2008 to 2014. Previous to this, he worked as a graphics artist for the second largest daily newspaper in Spain, El Mundo, and as the Graphics Art Director for The New York Times. While in Berlin last fall to lead a two-day Gestalten workshop, the data visualization expert sat down with to share his views on the difference between visual journalism and text-based reporting. He also explains the process behind his own rich yet clear narratives and points out some areas for improvement within this popular and ever-evolving field.

Portrait of a Letterpress Printer on Vimeo: A short documentary portrait about William Amer, a letterpress printer and instructor based in Rockley NSW, Australia.


Hongtao Zhou - Textscape: Chinese Artist, Hongtao Zhou creates 3D documents to reemphasis printing in modern technological world.

Bilbrew1A Long-Lost Artist of the 1950s Sexual Underground: The work of artist Eugene Bilbrew might be better known had not a dozen books with his illustrations on the cover been confiscated and outlawed in the late 1950s. While he drew for 20 years, his work is still little known outside a small group of deviant collectors and enthusiasts. A Times Square–based artist (he literally overdosed in a bookstore on 42nd Street), Bilbrew is but one of a school of forgotten artists active in the shady sexual underground of Manhattan during the Eisenhower years. Were you a “man in a grey flannel suit” who stopped in a Times Square shop on your commute back to the suburbs, you might have seen his work wrapped in cellophane and hastily marked with a price ten times the going rate for a clean paperback. Today, his best work looks deviant, but popular Japanese sex comics go much further with less class. So does some contemporary art, but for the most part artists today have to work pretty hard to shock their jaded audience.

Auschwitz-Fotograf Wilhelm Brasse: In den Abgrund blicken - SPIEGEL ONLINE: Wilhelm Brasse war Häftling in Auschwitz. Er überlebte, weil die Nationalsozialisten ihn als Fotograf einsetzten. Seine Porträts zeigen Menschen, die kurz darauf im Gas starben - unzählige Zeugnisse des Grauens.

What They See: You visit museums to see works of art. Have you ever wondered what they see instead?


Mario, Kirby, And Samus Aran Shine In The Nintendo Character Manual: Thrill at official artwork, PANTONE guides, and brief biographies for characters such as Luigi, Wario, Samus Aran, Kirby, and more. Long-running questions about these characters are finally answered in this guide including Wario's relation to Mario and why Pauline returned to the Donkey Kong spotlight after an absence of nearly fifteen years. Did you know that Mario loves opera music? - See more at:

Sci-fi film corridors re-purposed as a videogame maze - Kill Screen - Videogame Arts & Culture.

Here's What Female Gamers Hope For In 2015

Game Recreates Entire Galaxy, 1,000 Players Determined To Explore It: Some people play gigantic space game Elite: Dangerous to lead humble, (relatively) ordinary space lives. They do missions, make deliveries, and decorate their cockpits with silly little bobbleheads. Then there's The Great Expedition.


A Brief History of User Interface - YouTube: Dave Wiskus explores the history of interaction and interface design, from the keyboard and mouse to multitouch, and beyond.

How Bitcoin’s Blockchain Could Power an Alternate Internet — Backchannel — Medium: The code that secures Bitcoin could also power an alternate Internet. First, though, it has to work.

The Cathedral of Computation - The Atlantic: Here’s an exercise: The next time you see someone talking about algorithms, replace the term with “God” and ask yourself if the sense changes any. Our supposedly algorithmic culture is not a material phenomenon so much as a devotional one, a supplication made to the computers we have allowed to replace gods in our minds, even as we simultaneously claim that science has made us impervious to religion.

An Introduction to Programming C-64 Demos

How Lego Became The Apple Of Toys | Fast Company | Business Innovation: Every September, largely unbeknownst to the rest of the company, a group of around 50 Lego employees descends upon Spain’s Mediterranean coast, armed with sunblock, huge bins of Lego bricks, and a decade’s worth of research into the ways children play. The group, which is called the Future Lab, is the Danish toy giant’s secretive and highly ambitious R&D team, charged with inventing entirely new, technologically enhanced "play experiences" for kids all over the world. Or, as Lego Group CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp puts it, "It’s about discovering what’s obviously Lego, but has never been seen before."


Preserving Lonesome George Short Doc - YouTube: As the last known Pinta Island tortoise, Lonesome George became a worldwide icon of conservation decades before he died from natural causes in the Galápagos in 2012. When Lonesome George arrived at the American Museum of Natural History in early 2013 to be preserved as a taxidermic specimen, Museum scientists and a master taxidermist faced a number of crucial decisions as they worked to prepare a mount that was both scientifically accurate and beautiful. In this short film (24 mins), go behind the scenes with a team of scientists and experts as they preserve the world’s most famous tortoise so that Lonesome George can continue to inspire discussion about nature, science, and conservation.

Tomb of mystery Egyptian queen discovered by archaeologists | World news | The Guardian: Czech archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown queen believed to have been the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago, officials in Egypt said Sunday.

Science Journalist Lee Billings Talks Life Beyond the Solar System - OMNI Reboot: INTERVIEW WITH LEE BILLINGS, AUTHOR OF FIVE BILLION YEARS OF SOLITUDE.

132-year-old Winchester ’73 found leaning against tree: Eva Jensen, Cultural Resource Program Manager at Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada’s Snake mountain range, was exploring the park with the archaeology team looking for Native American artifacts on November 6th, 2014, when she spotted an object leaning against a Juniper tree. Upon closer examination, she saw that it was a rifle so cracked and weathered that it was perfectly camouflaged by the cracked and weathered tree behind it.

Power and Money

Slavoj Žižek: Democracy and Capitalism Are Destined to Split Up - YouTube: Philosopher Slavoj Žižek argues that our current brand of global capitalism is quickly outgrowing democracy and that a divorce between the two is inevitable. This leads to an array of social and geopolitical concerns regarding the public commons. These problems include but are not limited to ecology, biogenetics, finance, neo-apartheid, crisis management, intellectual property rights, and personal freedom. Žižek touches on all these topics and more in this epic delivery of political and social theory.

xiaoFreedom of press: They Have Miao | ZEITmagazin: How my assistant got into trouble with Beijing’s security apparatus and I got to know the Chinese authorities

The Ghost Stores of Walmart — Medium: But the biggest downside to a Walmart opening up in your community is that after all the protests, the negotiations, and, almost inevitably, the acceptance, the retail giant might just break its lease, pack up shop, and move a mile down the road. The process starts all over again, and Walmart’s giant, hard-won original behemoth of a structure sits abandoned, looming over its increasingly frustrated neighbors.

Radical new economic system will emerge from collapse of capitalism | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian: At the very moment of its ultimate triumph, capitalism will experience the most exquisite of deaths. This is the belief of political adviser and author Jeremy Rifkin, who argues the current economic system has become so successful at lowering the costs of production that it has created the very conditions for the destruction of the traditional vertically integrated corporation.



Being Bad Luck Brian: When the meme that made you famous starts to fade away - The Washington Post: As I have told many people, Kyle went to my high school. Or, as I explain it when I tell the story, Bad Luck Brian went to my high school. If I get a blank stare in return, I pull out my phone and Google his picture. An Internet-famous face appears.

This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends: Thirty-four years ago, at the launch of Ted Turner's Cable News Network, the founder made a grandiose and specific promise about his newly created round-the-clock operation. "Barring satellite problems, we won't be signing off until the world ends," Turner declared. And in anticipation, he prepared a final video segment for the apocalypse. (Guardian: „The video posted to a Gawker Media blog by a former network intern has been verified by numerous sources and was to be held ‘till end of world confirmed’“)

Meet the man who predicted Fox News, the Internet, Stephen Colbert and reality TV: It seems like a funny era for the work of a cautionary social critic, one often dubious about the wonders of technology – including television — whose most famous book came out three decades ago. But the neoliberal post-industrial world now looks chillingly like the one Neil Postman foresaw in books like “Amusing Ourselves to Death” and “Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology.” And the people asking the important questions about where American society is going are taking a page from him.


Color Reel - The House On Pine Street on Vimeo: A few before and after color grading samples from the independent feature film "The House On Pine Street." This film was colored by Taylre Jones at Grade located in Kansas City.

Back to the Future, Time Travel, and the Secret History of the 1980s — The Message — Medium: Comparing 2015 to the movie is also super boring.

Steven Soderbergh recut Kubricks 2001: maybe this is what happens when you spend too much time with a movie: you start thinking about it when it’s not around, and then you start wanting to touch it. i’ve been watching 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY regularly for four decades, but it wasn’t until a few years ago i started thinking about touching it, and then over the holidays i decided to make my move.

SoundWorks Collection - The Sound of Godzilla on Vimeo: In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection sound profile Michael Coleman talks with Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Erik Aadahl and Supervising Sound Editor Ethan Van der Ryn about the sound of Director Gareth Edwards Godzilla.

Wil Wheaton and Patton Oswalt: The Playboy Conversation | WIL WHEATON dot NET: It was an incredible honor when Marc asked me to interview Patton Oswalt for The Playboy Conversation, and I’m really happy with how this turned out.

Return of the Jedi - Special Location Effects with Kevin Pike on Vimeo: Kevin Pike talks about his location special effects work on Return of the Jedi (1983).

Sub Sandwich: Behind The Scenes



CC Affiliates Mixtape #1: The global community of Creative Commons Affiliates are starting a new tradition: collectively compiling an annual mixtape of great music from artists using CC licenses. This idea follows the 10-year anniversary mixtape that the European Affiliates put together back in 2012, only this 2015-edition covers the entire globe. We hope that this will be the beginning of an annual tradition: a musical tribute to - and celebration of - the talent of the artists and Creative Commons sharing tools.

[nwscomp006] CC Affiliates Mixtape #1 : various artists : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

In Music, Uniformity Sells - The Atlantic: More evidence that, historically, albums featuring less complex instrumentation have enjoyed greater popularity

Acid Pauli - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2014 by Robot Heart

Free Teufelsberg NSA listening tower impulse responses: Amidst increasing concern about data privacy and how our personal data is being handled we bring you a bit of sonic surveillance history: a set of reverb impulse responses allowing you to use the acoustics of the main listening tower at the former NSA compound, Teufelsberg, in your own productions.

Oonops Drops - Midnight Ease by Brooklyn Radio | Mixcloud

The Notwist - Das Spiel ist aus - Das neue Album der Indie-Helden erscheint Anfang Februar | Das Filter: „Messier Objects“ heißt das Album und versammelt gleich 17 Stücke. Kurze, knappe, dafür aber nicht weniger beeindruckende Instrumental-Werke. Ideen, Skizzen, immer auf den einen Moment dieser speziellen Projekte zugeschnitten, mit denen sich die Band so gerne auseinandersetzt. Es gibt Fans der Band, die diese Seite des musikalischen Œuvres fast noch mehr schätzen, als die große Indie-Geste, den Song.

The Longest Mixtape - 1000 Songs For You - YouTube: Caribou, aka Dan Snaith, has put together "The Longest Mixtape," a collection of 1000 songs important to him. […] It includes tracks from Kanye West, Arthur Russell, Madvillain, the Zombies, Pusha T, Wire, Missy Elliott... and too many others to list.


DIS \ CONNECT on Vimeo: A search for higher meaning, dissatisfaction with the status quo and a sense that you’re the first person to feel this way. You're not. A semi-satirical coming of age story told by handmade wooden puppets.

The Last Time I Saw Richard on Vimeo: In 1995, Jonah is proud to be the loner at the teen mental health clinic. But when a new patient, Richard, is admitted and the boys are forced to share a room, Jonah finds himself forming a connection despite himself. But will their bond be strong enough to protect them from the darklings that hide in the night shadows?

365 - One Year, One Film, One Second a Day on Vimeo: Greg animated one second of animation every day for the 365 days of the year 2013. There was no storyline, script or storyboard. The ideas come from things read, seen or experienced on the day, with a little artistic license for good measure.


小さな庭園 / Small Garden on Vime

Sticky on Vimeo: Exiled from the tropical paradise where they evolved, a tiny population of remarkable stick insects dodged extinction by hiding under a single windswept bush on the world's tallest sea stack for 80 years. Thanks to a dedicated team of scientists they're now living safely in captivity, but when can they go home?

"Super Sleuths" on Vimeo: Marie takes a break from her own heartache to help her best friend Sally Blue Frankenfrass find her missing boyfriend, but the duo keeps getting distracted along the way.

California Inspires Me: Jack Black (2014) on Vimeo

Bad Day at the Office - Full Short Film on Vimeo: Wallace D. Popple's workday delivers a series of painful mishaps. Yet within this off-kilter tale about happiness lies a twist for the twisted.

Planètes après planètes / Planets after planets on Vimeo


Witness: The Life and Death of Agatha Christie: Hear the memories of Mathew Prichard, the only grandchild of the great crime novelist.

Starker Stoff - Cannabis als Medizin: Haschisch bedeutet “Gras” auf Arabisch.Dass die Droge heilende Wirkung haben kann, wusste bereits Hildegard von Bingen im 12. Jahrhundert. Bis ins 20. Jahrhundert galt Cannabis – so der botanische Name von Hanf – in vielen Ländern der Welt als eine Art Universal-Medizin. Mittlerweile ist wissenschaftlich belegt, dass die Inhaltsstoffe der Pflanze schmerzlindernd, muskelentspannend und krampflösend wirken.

Ursendung - Die Perfektion der Fehler: Ausgehend von Entwicklungen in der elektroakustischen und digitalen Musik begibt sich Reinhold Friedl auf die Suche nach dem musikalischen Fehler in der Musikgeschichte. Woher kommt der Mythos der digitalen Vollkommenheit? Glauben wir an die fehlerfreie Präzision? Oder werden nur die Fehler präziser? Wann wird die Unschärfe musikalischer Interpretation zur Fehlinterpretation? Und wann ist sie ein kreatives Element?

Altes Feindbild, neuer Hass: Die "Lügenpresse": Der Vorwurf schallt aus vielen Kehlen: "Lügenpresse“ - so skandieren Demonstranten der Pegida und verweigern jedes Gespräch mit Journalisten. Der Vorwurf: Die Presse mache gemeinsame Sache mit der Politik, statt ihr auf den Zahn zu fühlen. Journalisten seien nicht mehr der "Wahrheit“, sondern nur noch ihren eigenen Meinungen verpflichtet. Als Beispiel wird die angeblich einseitige Berichterstattung über die Ukraine genannt. Wenn sich aber auf Demonstrationen in Dresden ein deutscher als russischer Journalist verkleidet, dann spricht das Pegida-Volk offen ins Mikrophon und fühlt sich verstanden. Wer gegen die "Lügenpresse“ Munition sucht, findet sie ausgerechnet bei einem ehemaligen FAZ-Autor. "Gekaufte Journalisten" heißt seine Abrechnung und ist ein Bestseller. Kein Wunder. Er verspricht genau die "Wahrheit“, die Pegida kennt und wieder bestätigt bekommen will. Neu ist das alles natürlich nicht, aber: jetzt kommt der Hass auf Journalisten neu in Fahrt.

Der Weltraum in Film, Literatur und Kunst - WDR 3: "Welten - Räume - Galaxien": Im neuen WDR 3 Schwerpunkt erforscht das Kulturradio die Schnittstellen zwischen Kunst und All. Zukunftsforscher und Science-Fiction-Autor Karlheinz Steinmüller beschäftigt sich schon länger mit der Frage, wie die Menschen auf den Himmel, die Sterne und den Weltraum geblickt haben.

Deutschlandfunk: Düsseldorf und die elektronische Musik: Bands wie Neu!, Cluster oder Der Plan haben die elektronische Musik in Deutschland geprägt - und stehen im Bezug zu Düsseldorf. Rüdiger Esch, selbst Musiker der Zeit, hat einen Sammelband über Düsseldorf und die Entwicklung deutscher Elektronik veröffentlicht. Auch die bekannteste Band Kraftwerk spielen eine wichtige Rolle, doch nicht alle von ihnen kommen zu Wort.

Zündfunk: Erinnerungen an das Münchner Atomic Cafe: Der wohl bekannteste Club Bayerns muss dicht machen. An Silvester steigt die letzte Party in den heiligen Indie-Hallen. Zeit, sich an 18 Jahre Indie-Kultur zu erinnern und ein letztes Mal Backstage zu gehen.

Ralf Hütter von Kraftwerk: Vom 6. bis 13. Januar führten Kraftwerk in der ausverkauften Neuen Nationalgelerie vor begeistertem Publikum an acht Abenden ihre Katalog-Alben (von "Autobahn" bis "Tour De France") komplett auf, ergänzt durch einen langen Best-Of-Block. Olaf Zimmermann hat alle Konzerte besucht und hatte das große Glück, Ralf Hütter Backstage für ein exklusives radioeins Elektro Beats Interview zu treffen. Themen waren das MoMa, die Katalog-Konzerte, Berlin, die Neue Nationalgalerie, 3-D-Visuals, Radioaktivität, die Arbeitsteilung bei Kraftwerk, ihre Roboterpuppen, Lieblings-Coverversionen, Coldplay, die Grammy Verleihung und nicht zuletzt die Aussicht auf ein neues Kraftwerk-Album.

Soziale Netzwerke - Diskussion mit Propaganda-Bots: Sie erkennen Nachrichten, mischen sich in Diskussionen ein und antworten wie echte Menschen: Propaganda-Bots. So können sie ein politisches Meinungsbild beeinflussen. Bots gegnerischer Seiten können sogar miteinander diskutieren. Die Rückverfolgung der Netzwerke ist bislang schwierig.