Art is sexier than Coding

Good News, Bleistiftschwingers und Pixelschubsen: künstlerisch-kreative Dinge machen Leute attraktiver für potentielle Kopulationspartner, als Coding oder Wissenschaft: “Painting a Picture” Sexier Than Coding, Study Finds. In den Top10 der attraktivsten Betätigungsfelder: Poetry, Comedy, Musik, „clever Remarks“ und… Sport. Am wenigsten attraktiv machen laut der Studie unter anderem „Making Websites“, „Writing an original computer program“ und „Making ad campaigns“. So, that's that.

In the study, entertainingly titled “Who Finds Bill Gates Sexy? Creative Mate Preferences as a Function of Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Creative Achievement,” 815 ethnically diverse participants were asked to rank 43 creative behaviors ranging from “painting a picture” to “making a website” according to which were most “sexually attractive in a potential mate.” Painting a picture was, by all accounts, much sexier.

The project was driven by evolutionary psychologist Gregory Feist’s work, which differentiates between what he calls the “applied/technological” creativity and “ornamental/aesthetic” creativity. The former is employed by the likes of engineers, computer scientists, and economists, while the latter is the province of visual artists, musicians, and creative writers. The Kaufmans and company found that both men and women tend to be more aroused by creativity of the ornamental/aesthetic sort. According to the survey, “making a clever remark,” “performing in a band,” and “taking artistic photographs” rank among the sexiest creative behaviors, while “presenting scientific or math papers” and “writing an original computer program” rank among the least sexy.

Nach dem Klick die Tabelle aus der Studie: