Interview with Edinburghs mysterious Paper Sculptor


Ihr erinnert Euch an den oder die Unbekannte, der oder die vor rund drei Jahren jede Menge elaborierte Papier-Skulpturen in Büchereien versteckte? (Falls Ihr die nicht kennt: Wahnsinn! Unbedingt das Flickr-Set durchklicken! Die Teile sind der absolute Papercraft-Abschuss, und dann noch die Story dazu!)

Die BBC hat jetzt jedenfalls ein Interview mit dem/der bibliophilen Papercraft-Magier/in:

Why did you start making the sculptures?

The first book sculpture, a little tree for The Scottish Poetry Library, was made primarily as a response to library closures and cutbacks. But it was also as a bit of fun for the library staff who, throughout Scotland, the UK and much further afield, provide a service in straitened times - above and beyond. It was a poor attempt to illustrate the notion that a book is more than just a book - and a library is a special kind of building.

It's no secret that I would like everyone to have access to books, art, artefacts and the buildings that house them. Not just those with the money for a ticket. I think it's true that the immediate way we can and do now access information has altered things. But it remains important to have expert help, to see things for real, to have buildings set aside that inspire and make expectations of us and that anyone can enter.

BBC: Mystery book sculptor answers questions (via MeFi)

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