He Took His Skin Off For Me

Vor anderthalb Jahren bloggte ich über die Crowdfunding-Kampagne zum Kurzfilm He Took His Skin Off For Me nach einer Shortstory von Maria Hummer über einen Herrn, der sich für seine Freundin die Haut abzieht. Der Film ist jetzt fertig und so ungefähr dürfte das aussehen, wenn man Hellraiser, Cronenberg und Wes Anderson in einen Mixer schmeisst. Toll!

9357170595_4eb8a1401e_bDie (sehr kurze) Kurzgeschichte von Maria Hummer gibt's hier, in diesem Video liest sie sie selbst vor, da gibt's ein Tutorial zur Häutung einer Hand und dort ein Interview mit Regisseur Ben Aston.

In this twisted modern-day fairy tale, a man removes his own skin for the woman he loves, believing it’s what she wants him to do. And she does… at first. But his action soon proves to have dire consequences. Small things, things like stains. Things they can handle. But before long it becomes clear their relationship will never be the same again…

This production has been a labor of love, the result of over fifteen months dedication. The first time I read Maria’s remarkable story I knew there was no turning back. It’s the kind of idea that grabs you by the back of the neck and doesn’t let go. Her unique voice demands your attention yet defies your expectation. I knew I had to make it into a film, I just didn’t know quite how yet.

In the end we had to build our own SFX department from the ground-up to bring the story to life. We were a truly independent production, raising the majority of our financing via Kickstarter after most deemed it too risky or too ambitious to pull off. The makeup achievements are the result of thousands of hours of exceptional craftsmanship and achieved entirely without CGI. It is, bizarrely, also a student production, being my own graduation film from the London Film School

Nach dem Klick noch ein Making Of: