Bird shits on Hollande during Charlie Memorial March

François Hollande and Charlie Hebdo columnist Patrick PellouxDas fliegende Spaghettimonster hat eine Taube zum Charlie Gedenkmarsch geschickt, die auch prompt Obermufti Hollande auf den Arm geschissen hat. Hätten sich die toten Satiriker selber nicht besser ausdenken können:

While cameras focused on the moment that the French president, François Hollande, embraced Patrick Pelloux, the doctor and columnist at Charlie Hebdo who was one of the first to the scene after the attack, they also captured some unexpected footage. As Hollande bends to take Pelloux in his arms, a bird defecates on the shoulder part of the president’s right sleeve – causing staff from the satirical magazine to try and hide their uncontrollable laughter.

Guardian: Charlie Hebdo staff find light relief with pigeon droppings on François Hollande