Attack on Ideas: Charlie Hebdo, Tag 3 [UPDATE: Suspects killed, 4 Hostages killed.]


[update 17:38] Die Attentäter wurden laut unterschiedlichen Quellen in einem Feuergefecht getötet, sowohl die Mörder der Comic-Zeichner, als auch die Geiselnehmer im jüdischen Supermarkt. Die Geiseln konnten anscheinend unverletzt befreit werden Einige der Geiseln konnten gerettet werden, es gab allerdings leider eine bislang unbestimmte Anzahl von 4 Todesopfer (dazu gibt es im Moment widersprüchliche Angaben). It's over. (Siehe Eilmeldungen unten).


Ich dachte eigentlich, ich könnte heute langsam wieder zum Tagesgeschehen zurückkehren, aber die Realität sagt „Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.“

Ich hole grade die Geschehnisse des Morgens auf, Liveticker bei spOnline, Tagesschau, AFP France, Guardian. Ich sitze seit zwei Tagen praktisch ununterbrochen an Live-Feeds und verfolge fassungslos – auch und grade meine Feeds aus der Comic- und Illustrations-Welt (follow @dreimalalles) – und ernähre mich praktisch nur von Cola-Resten und kalter Pizza und musste heute echt mal raus und einkaufen und in der Zwischenzeit:

- Haben sich die Bastarde in einer Druckerei – IN EINER DRUCKEREI! – verschanzt und Geiseln genommen.
- zwei weitere Attentäter, die anscheinend im Zusammenhang mit dem Anschlag auf Charlie Hebdo stehen, haben sich in einem koscheren, also jüdischen Supermarkt verschanzt und dort ebenfalls Geiseln genommen, es soll mehrere Tote gegeben haben.

Ich habe zu all dem eine ganze Menge zu sagen, werde im Moment allerdings nur das Geschehen dokumentieren, hier im Blog die wichtigsten Entwicklungen, zusätzliche Bits per Twitter und Facebook. Sorry, dass normales Blogging für mich derzeit nicht möglich ist, aber es ist, was es ist. Illus oben vom New Yorker und Molly Crabapple, nach dem Klick jede Menge Links und Quellen, Eilmeldungen ganz oben:


[17:54] Summary from the Guardian:

• The Parisian brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo massacre have been killed in a violent police raid on their compound in Dammartin-en-Goele, northeast of Paris, according to multiple reports.
• Chérif and Saïd Kouachi, who had been on the run since the shooting at the magazine’s offices on Wednesday, were killed when armed special forces stormed the building where they had held a hostage since early on Friday.
• The three-day terror incident came to a dramatic end just before 4pm GMT when armed officers raided the printing works on an industrial estate near Charles de Gaulle airport. The hostage was freed, according to multiple reports citing French officials.
• Moments later, officers launched an assault on a Kosher supermarket in east Paris where another gunman took up to six people hostage on Friday afternoon.
• That gunman was also killed when police stormed the supermarket, freeing the hostages, according to multiple reports.
• The Paris siege began at around 8.30am GMT on Friday when there were reports of shots being fired and hostages taken in Dammartin-en-Goele, sparking a major operation involving Swat teams, military helicopters and armed counter-terror officers.
• Earlier on Friday, French police issued an appeal for two suspects linked to the killing of the policewoman Clarissa Jean-Philippe in Montrouge yesterday. It named them as Hayat Boumeddienne, 26, and Amedy Coulibaly, 32. Coulibaly was also linked by French media to the Kosher supermarket siege.

[17:34] „Paris supermarket hostage-taker 'neutralised': security source“

[17:22] Guardian: „Our reporter Anne Penketh heard four loud bangs at 5.15pm French time at porte de Vincennes, site of the kosher supermarket siege.

Pupils from a nearby school were let out via a back entrance at 5pm and told to go home. “There was a bit of panic when people were calling each other about the hostage taking, “ said Carla Audebaud, a 17-year-old pupil. Some of the pupils were having lunch in nearby cafes and were told to go back to the school. “It was shocking,” she said. “The headmaster said he was keeping us in because the situation was dangerous.”

Sky News reports six quick explosions from the kosher supermarket in east Paris. This may indicate a coordinated assault by authorities on both sets of suspects ensconced at the print works and the supermarket.“

[17:19] „Charlie Hebdo gunmen's hostage freed and safe after police assault“

[17:17] „Several hostages freed at Jewish supermarket in Paris: AFP“

[17:17] „Charlie Hebdo suspects killed“

[17:14] „Sky News are reporting that just before the explosion special combat forces could be seen heading towards the printworks where the Kouachi brothers were holed up. It now appears that the counter terrorist police initiated an assault on the building, and ambulances are driving to the scene.

Another round of small explosive blasts have been heard alongside bursts of gunfire in Dammartin-en-Goele, where the shooting began just before 4pm GMT. Explosive blasts are sometimes used in this situation to force entry to a building along with stun grenades to debilitate the hostage takers. Journalist Peter Allen has just tweeted that heavily armed commandos currently on roof of building where Charlie Hebdo terrorists holed up with hostage. More gunfire/explosions.“

[17:10] „It appears to be the 'end game'“ (Sky News)

[17:03] „There were rounds of gunfire and several explosions heard at the printworks where the brothers have been holed up this afternoon. The gunfire came minutes after armed counter-terror officers were seen traveling towards the building. There appears to be smoke coming from the printworks at Dammartin-en-Goele.“

[16:53] „Reuters are reporting that French anti-terrorist forces surrounding a building where they believe two men suspected of attacking the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly are holed up want to start a dialogue and have not launched an assault, a French interior ministry spokesman said.“

Guardian 16:00:

Scotland Yard’s former director of hostage negotiations, Roy Ramm, has described the twin-siege in Paris as “one of the most difficult situations you could possibly imagine”.

Speaking to Sky News, Ramm said one of the first things investigators would want to do is ensure that there is no communication between the Charlie Hebdo suspects holed up in Dammartin-en-Goele and their apparent accomplice who has taken up to six hostages in a kosher supermarket in east Paris.

In the early stages of the Dammartin-en-Goele siege this morning, there were several reports of residents and journalists experiencing interference and outages when trying to use their telephones.

Here’s a brief summary of what we know about both hostage situations:

- Cherif and Said Kouachi, the two Parisian brothers suspected of the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo magazine, are on the run. Since the shooting on Wednesday the gunmen were reported to have robbed a petrol station near Villers-Cotterets, 70 miles north-east of Paris, and driven off with assault rifles and rocket launchers in the back of their car.
- At around 8.30am GMT on Friday there were reports of shots being fired and hostages taken in Dammartin-en-Goele, 25km north-east of Paris.
- Scores of armed police officers have surrounded an industrial estate in Danmartin-en-Goele.
- The suspects took over a printworks after a shootout with armed police officers, sparking a major operation involving Swat teams and military helicopters.
- Police are said to have opened hostage negotiations with the suspects as armed officers seal off the town, with schools on lockdown and residents told to stay indoors. A local MP told French media that the two suspects declared to police negotiators that they wanted to die as martyrs.
- The siege is taking place close to Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, which has restricted flights to its southern runways, further away from the standoff.
- Meanwhile, several people have been taken hostage in a second siege at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris after shots were fired.
- Police officers are in a standoff with the gunman in the second siege situation near the Porte de Vincennes. Roads near the supermarket were sealed off after the alarm was raised at around 12noon GMT. Reports in French media say the gunman is the same man suspected of killing policewoman Clarissa Jean-Philippe in Montrouge yesterday. There are reports that he is holding five hostages.


Titanic: Je Suis Titanic.

slide_394324_4825220_compressedHuffington Post Maghreb-Tunisie: Charlie Hebdo: Tunisian artists pay tribute to victims: „Willis From Tunis, Mr. Orange, ADENOV and many more greet one last time Cabu, Charb, Georges Wolinski, and other victims of the attack against Charlie Hebdo“.

New Yorker: The Pen vs. the Gun: „It’s hard to imagine how the Charlie Hebdo crew would have wrung a joke out of their own executions. But you can bet that they wouldn’t have shrunk from the challenge, and you can be sure that the result would have been at odds with any standard of good taste, unless you consider it in good taste never to give any ground to the dictates of holy warriors who seek power by murdering clowns.“ New Yorker editor: Charlie Hebdo entitled to be heard: „When he heard the name of the magazine on BBC Radio on his commute from his Briarcliff Manor home into Manhattan on Wednesday, Mankoff — the cartoon editor at The New Yorker — said "it didn't take too much to know something bad had happened." "It's very political, anti-religious, pro-secular and it mocks politicians and all religions and all fundamentalism," said Mankoff, 70. "It's pro-French culture and against all those who won't assimilate, whether it's Orthodox Jews or radical Muslims. It's heavy on ridicule and mockery and characterization."“

Quartz: Partner of Charlie Hebdo editor: Charb “is dead, murdered because he drew in a magazine.”: „Jeannette Bougrab (JB): I think that today in this war—because it’s the word “war” that we have to pronounce, a war that has been declared… I am not convinced that the legislative measures and devices that are at our disposal today are enough. I think that today Internet, Twitter, is a diffusor of hate, where anonymously people can decide fatwas, they can decide who must live and who must die, and well we haven’t gotten its measure yet. What is strange is that… I have made a documentary Interdites d’école, on the women…“

Guardian: The Guardian view on Charlie Hebdo: show solidarity, but in your own voice:

In social media, the call has been loud – and aimed at several British newspapers, including this one – to take a stand by publishing the very images that made Charlie Hebdo a target. For the most vociferous, republishing a sample of the magazine’s usual fare, which the Guardian has already done, is not enough: they insist that true defenders of free speech would reprint Charlie Hebdo’s depictions of the prophet Muhammad, especially the crudest, most scatological examples.

That case is straightforward. Since these are the images the gunmen wanted to stop, the surviving free press is obliged to deny the killers that victory. No other gesture can show that we refuse to be cowed by their crime. By repeating Charlie Hebdo’s action, we would demonstrate our resistance to the edict the terrorists sought to enforce on pain of death. We show that Charlie Hebdo was not alone.

There is an appealing simplicity to that stance, but it rests on faulty logic. The key point is this: support for a magazine’s inalienable right to make its own editorial judgments does not commit you to echo or amplify those judgments. Put another way, defending the right of someone to say whatever they like does not oblige you to repeat their words.

Metafilter: Re: or the time Charlie Hebdo portrayed France's black justice minister as a monkey. This is straight-up racism, and it's a pattern.

Context: this image was a satirical defence of Christiane Taubira and an attack on the Front National after a FN mayoral candidate posted a Taubira-is-a-monkey photomontage on her facebook page. Taubira's party sued her for hate speech.
Context 2 : After the CH image, the extreme right-wing mag Minute did a cover with a Taubira-is-a-banana-loving-monkey unsubtle subtext and Taubira sued again. She won both cases in 2014 (France have rather strict hate speech laws). Taubira didn't sue CH about this image because she understood the context. (Christiane Taubira knows a couple of things about racism. One can also follow her on Twitter to read what she has to say about Charlie Hebdo.)
In a rather touching display of shared hate for Charlie Hebdo, islamophobic extreme-right wingers and radical islamists, however, have since used this image as a "proof" of "double standard". Indeed, the blog hosting the copy of the image is a racist, islamophobic website that should have not been linked to on Mefi in the first place.

Matt Taibi im Rolling Stone: Cartoons Are Worth Fighting For:

Beyond all of that, the publish-or-not issue is a controversy only an intellectual could talk himself into. There’s been talk, both before the Hebdo attacks and since, that the cartoons were "silly provocations" (this was Le Figaro's pre-attack judgment) and that other similar satires were just so much "oil on the fire" (this was what French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said, also prior to the attack).

The implication is that, yes, we have a right to be offensive, but let's not be offensive this time, maybe just this once, because — and this is the part that's usually not said out loud — this particular group of satire targets is more than unusually violent and nuts and struggles more even than the average fundamentalist on the sense of humor front.

NYTimes: Recounting a Bustling Office at Charlie Hebdo, Then a ‘Vision of Horror’

AFP: 'I saw horror' says survivor of Paris magazine massacre

Guardian: Charlie Hebdo staff hold emotional first editorial meeting after deadly attack: „A journalist stroked the arm of a colleague to comfort her. Others whispered into mobile phones as they sat at a table for their first editorial meeting in new premises. For the staff of Charlie Hebdo, which lost eight journalists including five of France’s best-known cartoonists in Wednesday’s attack , Friday’s gathering in their temporary office at Libération was an emotional affair. Laurent Joffrin, Libération’s editor told the Guardian that about 20 journalists had arrived on Friday morning. He said that disruption to his own paper would be minimal: “They have their own room and all they need to do is to put in computers.”“

Zeit: "Wir trauern mit euch, aber ...": „"Wir sind Charlie", lautet die Botschaft erstaunlich vieler arabischer Medien nach dem Pariser Massaker. Doch es gibt auch Kritik an der Heroisierung von "Charlie Hebdo".“