Gun Attack on French Satire-Mag kills 12

Fuck: Zwei Männer haben mit Kalashnikovs und einem Raketenwerfer die Redaktion eines Satire Magazins gestürmt und zehn Leute ermordet, auf das Magazin wurde vor vier Jahren bereits ein Brandanschlag wegen des Abdrucks von Mohammed-Karrikaturen verübt. BBC, spOnline, Twitter-Hashtag: #CharlieHebdo, Updates wie sie reinkommen:

B6x_m2HIAAMoZ0w.png-large[update 03:37] „French news broadcaster Itele is reporting the young gunman who handed himself in to police earlier has claimed innocence.“

[update 02:26] „Youngest of three suspects in Paris attack surrenders to police, sources say“. [update: SZ bestätigt, Guardian schreibt nach wie vor „unconfirmed“.]

[update 01:11] Der Liveblog des Guardian hat dichtgemacht, die Updates kommen nun vom Guardian Australien, von dort: „There is a rumour that one of the gunmen has been killed in the police raid. I cannot confirm this. The France 2 journalist Hugo Clément who is at the scene says there has been NO information given about arrests or deaths. “The only certain thing is that there’s a raid”, he writes.“

[update 23:51] AFP: „A raid by France's elite anti-terrorist unit was under way late Wednesday in the northeastern city of Reims as part of the hunt for the gunmen who attacked the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Either the suspects will be able to escape, or 'there will be a showdown', said a member of the unit, urging journalists at the scene to remain 'vigilant'.“

[update 23:25] AFP France: „France anti-terror raid under way in northeastern city of Reims, police say“.

[UPDATE 22:31] Guardian: „French authorities make three arrests: French authorities have arrested three suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Guardian’s Kim Willsher reports from Paris.“ [they added this line shortly after: „However Kim points out that the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, addressed the media not long ago and did not mention arrests.“]

[UPDATE 21:55] Laut wurden die drei Verdächtigen festgenommen. Bestätigung habe ich noch keine. Falsche Übersetzung,sowohl von Google Translate, als auch mehrfach auf Twitter. Die Verdächtigen sind „polizeilich bekannt“.

[UPDATE 21:21, ältere Updates unten] „Le Monde tweets that it has confirmed with police sources that the three suspects have been identified.“

Robot-Translate von Metronews: „This would be three men aged 18, 32, 34 years. The two thirty, of French nationality, are brothers born in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. They are named Said and Cherif K .. The nationality of the younger Hamyd M., homeless, was not known. The latter was registered in 2014 Terminal S in a school in Charleville-Mezieres in the Academy of Reims (Champagne-Ardennes). The Union Ardennes indicated at the end of the afternoon the RAID went side Reims.“

Weitere Updates nach dem Klick in chronologischer Reihenfolge:

[update] Live-Ticker vom Guardian: „Police have told reporters that 11 people are now confirmed dead and five critically wounded.“

[update] AFP: „Hollande: Media shooting was 'undoubtedly terrorist attack'“
- „Reportedly a photo of the Paris shooters facing police“
- Liveticker der Tagesschau

President Hollande's statement:

Francois Hollande has been speaking to the media. He said that 11 people had been killed and four people seriously injured but 40 people had been rescued.

Hollande said that the security level had been increased in Paris and a number of terrorist plots had been foiled in recent weeks.
An emergency meeting will be held at the Elysees Palace in the next hour.

Hollande said France had experienced “an exceptional act of barbarism committed against a newspaper”. France was facing a “shock”, he added. “We need to show we are a united country,” he said. France had to be “firm and strong” adding: “We will fight these threats and we will punish the attackers.” France had been targeted because it was a country of freedom but no one would be allowed to go against “the spirit of the republic” in this way.

[update]Die Mohammed Karikaturen von 2011 als PDF(via en_tropy)

Aus dem Guardian Liveticker: „Police spokesman Rocco Contento has confirmed to Liberation that nine members of Charlie Hebdo’s staff were killed in the attack, as well as two police officers.“

[update]Death toll rises to 12“. Fuck.

Videos des Anschlags auf Youtube (NSFW, explicit violence): Moment of Shooting on Charlie Hebdo Satirical Magazine Office:,,,

Livestream vor Ort (Nur mit Proxy)

[update] Muslime weltweit zeigen Solidarität unter dem Hashtag #Notinmyname:

Die Titanic, ausnahmsweise im Vollzitat:

+++ Nach einem Anschlag auf das französische Satiremagazin Charlie Hebdo reagiert die TITANIC-Redaktion mit Solidarität ("Au weia!") und Standfestigkeit ("Wir machen weiter Witze – gleich nach der Mittagspause!") +++ UPDATE: Erste Versehrte sind zu beklagen, Kopfschmerzen nach lästigen Anrufen ("Hallo, Gamperl vom Tittlinger Wochenblatt, hätten Sie ein Statement für uns?") und dem Lesen von Facebook-Kommentaren ("Ihr Feiglinge Warum habt ihr euch Nicht erschiessen lassen?? Seit wohl zu feig dazu was?") +++ UPDATE: Langsam verfestigt sich redaktionsintern die Meinung, daß Mord "eher nicht so gut" wäre, Anschläge auf Satiremagazine "unangenehm". +++ TERRORHINWEIS: Für 16 Uhr ist in der TITANIC-Redaktion eine Pressekonferenz angesetzt, zu der RTL, Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurter Rundschau und sämtliche weitere Privat- und Systemmedien anwesend sind. Für Terroristen bietet sich hier die Möglichkeit, nicht nur eine Satireredaktion auszulöschen, sondern auch die gesamte deutsche Lügenpresse. Es gibt Schnittchen (hinterher)!

[update] Aus dem spOnline-Ticker: „Die Zeichnerin Corinne "Coco" Rey hat den Anschlag überlebt. Über die Täter sagte die Mitarbeiterin von "Charlie Hebdo" der "L'Humanité": "Sie haben sich zu al-Quaida bekannt."“

„Der französische Zeichner Charb starb bei dem Anschlag auf die Redaktion "Charlie Hebdo".“

Gawker: „A woman who works in the building where the Charlie Hebdo offices are located tells French newspaper L'Humanité that the shooters forced her at gunpoint to enter the code to open the building's door. Le Monde reports that the gunmen attacked during a staff meeting, and apparently knew them all by name.“

Simon Jenkins im Guardian:

Those who comment through satire are peculiarly bold, more so than those who deploy argument. Ridicule is the most devastating and wounding of weapons. It reaches parts of the political and personal psyche that reason cannot touch. It is one of democracy’s most effective weapons, and the price those who wield it have to pay is sometimes as high as any other.

There can be no doubt that the magazine Charlie Hebdo was testing the boundaries of taste and religious tolerance. But that is the burden freedom of speech in a democracy has to bear. The US bore it recently with its satire on North Korea’s leader; it was the risk Charlie Hebdo took, and knew it was taking.

If satire reaches places argument cannot touch, should terrorism now be allowed to do the same? All authorities on terrorism agree, as its student Richard English has written, that the question has “no easy solution”. The reason is that it is a technique of conflict, not a cause. It is merely a weapon, not an ideology.

Salman Rushdie:

Religion, a medieval form of unreason, when combined with modern weaponry becomes a real threat to our freedoms. This religious totalitarianism has caused a deadly mutation in the heart of Islam and we see the tragic consequences in Paris today.

I stand with Charlie Hebdo, as we all must, to defend the art of satire, which has always been a force for liberty and against tyranny, dishonesty and stupidity.

‘Respect for religion’ has become a code phrase meaning ‘fear of religion’. Religions, like all other ideas, deserve criticism, satire, and, yes, our fearless disrespect.

The New Yorker:

This is a dangerous moment for France, both in the frighteningly immediate sense—there are armed terrorists loose in the capital—and because the decisions that a nation makes at a time of terror are not always the best ones, for anybody. “L’amour plus fort que la haine,” as Charlie Hebdo put it years ago—and what makes that line meaningful, and not some trite filler of empty air in a shot-up office—is remembering who you are.

Washington Post: „Based on the limited footage alone, there’s no indication the assailants had military training.“

Aspekte auf Facebook:

Navid Kermani zum Anschlag auf die Satirezeitschrift Charlie Hebdo Officiel: «Das ist nicht nur ein Anschlag auf eine Zeitschrift und auch nicht nur auf die Kunst. Das ist ein Anschlag auf ein Europa, das den Menschen ungeachtet ihres Geschlechts, ihres Glaubens, ihrer Herkunft, ihrer sexuellen Orientierung Würde, Freiheit und gleiche Rechte zuspricht – auch und zumal den Muslimen. Tun wir, was den Tätern am meisten missfällt und den Opfern am meisten entspricht: Bleiben wir frei.»

Foreign Policy Research Institute: Who attacked Charlie Hebdo in Paris? Assessing a Jihadi Attack in The West, ISIS vs al Qaeda

Analysts and journalists should assess four different potential perpetrators and scenarios:

- An Al Qaeda Central (AQC) or al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) directed plot from Yemen or potentially Pakistan (AQAP is AQC at this point)
- An ISIS directed plot from Syria and Iraq
- An al Qaeda inspired plot by supporters in the West
- An ISIS inspired plot by supporters in the West, of which there have been several in recent months.

There could always be a fifth scenario, a completely unaffiliated different ideological movement that wants to attack Charlie Hebdo (I call this the Andres Brevik scenario), but I think its not sufficiently likely to warrant analytical effort at this point.

#jesuischarlie @orlane3007

A photo posted by CharlieHebdo (@charliehebdo) on

Ein neuer Charlie Hebdo-Account auf Instagram mit jeder Menge Bilder von Solidaritätskundgebungen und Protesten weltweit.

Der Postillon: Anschlag auf Charlie Hebdo ganz großartig für Islamisten und Islamhasser

"Allah ist groß!", ruft ein IS-Sympathisant (24) aus Bochum, der die Nachricht gerade im Internet gelesen hat und es nicht verstörend findet, dass die Attentäter seinem Gott bei Karikaturen das rachsüchtige Gemüt eines Dreijährigen unterstellen. "Diese Tat wird noch viele weitere Märtyrer ermutigen und den Ungläubigen zeigen, was wir von ihren westlichen Werten halten."
Ähnlich zufrieden sind Islamhasser und Rechtspopulisten: "Da sehen diese Gutmenschen endlich, dass der Islam Europa überrollt!", erklärt etwa ein leidenschaftlicher PEGIDA-Demonstrant (33) aus Dresden. "Und dann werde ich auch noch als Nazi beschimpft! Am Montag werden wir jetzt bestimmt noch mehr sein."

Jeff Jarvis über die Selbstzensur einiger Medien: „A terrible insult to the murdered journalists“, Slate: News Outlets Are Censoring Images of Cartoons That May Have Incited Charlie Hebdo Attack

Eulenspiegel: „Sehr geehrte Herren vom Dschihad, falls Sie gerade in der Stadt sind, in Berlin gibt es so viel anderes Schönes zu entdecken: Reichstag, Axel-Springer-Hochhaus, Finanzamt Mitte … In diesem Sinne: Allahu akbar! Ihre EULENSPIEGEL-Redaktion“

Papa is gone, not Wolinski“ :'(

Papa est parti pas Wolinski

Une photo publiée par @wolinskikiki le

Arte: Ausgelacht!? - Karikaturen und Pressefreiheit

Das 2006 im Zuge der Affäre um die Mohammed-Karikaturen ins Leben gerufene multimediale Projekt "Ausgelacht!? - Karikaturen und Pressefreiheit" befragt Pressezeichner zu diesem Thema, die als Künstler und Journalisten an vorderster Front der politischen und gesellschaftlichen Auseinandersetzungen des 21. Jahrhunderts stehen. Nicht nur in Diktaturen haben Journalisten und Zeichner mit Tabus und Einschränkungen zu kämpfen, auch in unseren "freien" Medien gibt es mehr Tabu-Themen, als am allgemeinhin vermutet. Zu Wort kommen u.a. der Franzose und Mitbegründer der Initiative Cartooning for Peace, Plantu, der Berliner Karikaturist Rainer Hachfeld und der amerikanische Karikaturist und Kolumnist Jeff Danziger.

Haaretz: Paris woman tells how magazine shooters forced her to let them into building: „Charlie Hebdo attackers shouted 'tell the media that we are from Al-Qaida in the Yemen,' according to eyewitnesses.“

NYTimes: Aftermath of Paris Terror Attack

Jacobin Mag: „The murder of Charlie Hebdo journalists is appalling. But we should fear the coming Islamophobic backlash.“

Mother Jones: „French newspaper Le Monde is tracking the growing number of rallies, including those in Berlin, London, New York, and Montreal.“

MSNBC: Former ‘Onion’ editor: Freedom of speech cannot be killed: „I admit: it scares me. This is radical ideology taken to an abhorrent new low. The footage and photographs that have so far emerged depict several armed men, dressed in tactical black. It looks like a highly organized attack, but an attack, ultimately, on what? An idea? You cannot kill an idea by murdering innocent people – though you can nudge it toward suicide. That is the real threat: that we’ll allow our fear, or our anger, to kill ourselves.“

JeSuisCharlie auf GetWeMap, Mapsengine/Googlemaps


In an interview with France Inter radio, the former Charlie Hebdo publisher Phillipe Val said: ‘I’ve lost all of my friends today.’

In a moving tribute to his slain former colleagues, Val, who has also been director of France Inter, said:

“They were so alive, they loved to make people happy, to make them laugh, to give them generous ideas. They were very good people. They were the best among us, as those who make us laugh, who are for liberty ... They were assassinated, it is an insufferable butchery.

“We cannot let silence set in, we need help. We all need to band together against this horror. Terror must not prevent joy, must not prevent our ability to live, freedom, expression – I’m going to use stupid words – democracy, after all this is what is at stake. It is this kind of fraternity that allows us to live. We cannot allow this, this is an act of war. It might be good if tomorrow, all newspapers were called Charlie Hebdo. If we titled them all Charlie Hebdo. If all of France was Charlie Hebdo. It would show that we are not okay with this. That we will never let stop laughing. We will never let liberty be extinguished.”

Deutsche Welle: 'Satire is a human right,' says Titanic editor after Charlie Hebdo attack:

Do such critical spoofs on Islam provoke stronger, or more prolific reactions from readers?
No, actually not. We have found it's far easier to anger Christians or fans of Michael Schumacher.

To what extent will the Paris attack influence what you publish about Islamism?
Let me reiterate: If these attacks are the work of Islamists, then it makes satire even more relevant. Following such attacks, there should be more satire, and this will be the case for our magazine as well.

Even in the face of such violence?
Of course, on the personal level, we are scared when we hear about such violence. However, as a satirist, we are beholden to the principle that every human being has the right to be parodied. This should not stop just because of some idiots who go around shooting.

The Proud Provocateurs at the Center of Today’s Paris Terror Attack
Europa partnership of newspapers speaks out over Charlie Hebdo attack
Charlie Hebdo Broke Taboos, Defying Threats and Violence

Reason Magazine: ‘Je suis Charlie’? No, You’re Not, or Else You Might Be Dead

One of the spontaneous social-media reactions to the Charlie Hebdo massacre today was the Twitter hashtag #JeSuisCharlie ("I am Charlie"). It's an admirable sentiment, resonant with the classic post-9/11 Le Monde cover "Nous sommes tous Americains." It's also totally inaccurate.

If we—all of us, any of us—were Charlie Hebdo, here are some of the things that we might do

Cartoonists Rights Network:

CRNI and other institutions of free speech will strive to defend, monitor and protect cartoonists all over the world as they choose to exercise their rights to express themselves freely, openly and without submitting to fear.

We are in awe at the courage of the French cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, we look forward to the next issue, and admire the society and environment that promotes this level of free speech. They are our heroes.

JE SUIS CHARLIE: Writers, Artists and Their Weapons of Choice

Guardian: „The cartoonist Honoré has been identified as the fifth caricaturist to be fatally wounded in Wednesday’s attack while he attended an editorial meeting at the Charlie Hebdo magazine. Honoré, whose full name was Philippe Honoré, was the artist who drew the last cartoon tweeted by the weekly only moments before the massacre. The cartoon shows the leader of the Islamic State and the Levant (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, presenting his New Year message saying 'and especially good health!'“ Publish Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed cartoons in solidarity with the victims of censorship and violence

Juan Cole: „In Paris, where Muslims tend to be better educated and more religious, the vast majority reject violence and say they are loyal to France.
Al-Qaeda wants to mentally colonize French Muslims, but faces a wall of disinterest. But if it can get non-Muslim French to be beastly to ethnic Muslims on the grounds that they are Muslims, it can start creating a common political identity around grievance against discrimination.“

Offizieller Tathergang vom Pariser Staatsanwalt:

According to the Paris prosecutor François Molins, the hooded gunmen, wearing bullet proof vests, first entered the wrong building at number 8 rue Nicolas-Appert, next door to the Charlie Hebdo offices at number 10. On entering the magazine building, they shot and killed a man in the entrance hall before taking the stairs to the second floor where the Charlie Hebdo staff were having a weekly editorial meeting, on the day the magazine is published. The rest of the week the magazine offices are hardly staffed, suggesting the gunmen knew exactly when to attack. One of the magazine’s cartoonists Coco said the men “spoke perfect French...and claimed to be al-Qaida”.

As they fled, the gunmen fired on a patrolling police car forcing it to withdraw. Two police officers then arrived on the Boulevard Richard Lenoir on bicycles. One of them, Ahmed Merabe, aged 42, was gunned down. As he lay writhing on the road, the gunmen stopped fleeing and turned back from their vehicle. One of the attackers then shot Merabe in the head and ran back to the car. The men drove towards the Porte de Pantin on the northeastern outskirts of Paris, ramming into a Volkswagen and injuring the woman driver. They abandoned their car near the Buttes-Chaumont park in the 19th arrondissement and hijacked another vehicle, a Renault Clio, ordering the driver out before speeding off. The investigation and manhunt involves around 3,000 police.

Die Namen der 12 Todesopfer wurden veröffentlicht:

Charb – whose real name was Stephane Charbonnier, 47, artist and publisher of Charlie Hebdo.

Cabu – whose real name was Jean Cabut, 76, Charlie Hebdo’s lead cartoonist. Honoured with the Legion of Honour, France’s highest decoration, in 2005.

Georges Wolinski – Tuinisian born artist, 80. Had been drawing cartoons since the 1960s, and worked for Hara-Kiri, a satirical magazine considered a forerunner to Charlie Hebdo.

Tignous – whose real name was Bernard Verlhac, 57, was a member of a group of artists called ‘Cartoonists for Peace’.

Bernard Maris – known as ‘Uncle Bernard’, 68, was an economist and wrote a regular column for Charlie Hebdo.

Honore – Phillipe Honore, 73, cartoonist, who had worked for Charlie Hebdo since 1992. He was the artist who drew the last cartoon tweeted by the weekly only moments before the massacre. The cartoon shows the leader of the Islamic State and the Levant (ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, presenting his New Year message saying “and especially good health!”

Michel Renaud – a former journalist and political staffer who had founded a cultural festival. He was visiting the Charlie Hebdo offices from Clermont-Ferrard.

Mustapha Ourrad – a copy editor for Charlie Hebdo. Of Algerian descent.

Elsa Cayat – Charlie Hebdo analyst and columnist.

Frederic Boisseau – building maintenance worker.

Franck Brinsolaro – 49-year-old policeman appointed to head security detail for Charb. He was the father of a one-year-old daughter.

Merabet Ahmed - 42 and a French Muslim. A police officer and member of the 11th arrondissement brigade.