Lucha Libre NomNom: How To eat like a mexican Wrestler


Schönes Feature auf Munchies über die Essgewohnheiten mexikanischer Wrestler: How to Eat Like a Mexican Luchador.

Sexy-Powder-in-the-kitchenSexy Powder is 25 years old and has been fighting for four years. Her most important piece of advice is to not go crazy with portions sizes, and to get into the habit of eating well.

“We have to eat vegetables. They´re the basic ingredient to keep in your diet,” Sexy Powder tells me. “I have a diet therapy juice and it’s going very well. I eat five meals a day: breakfast; mid-morning I have a salad and a smoothie; then I have my lunch, which includes protein, like chicken or tuna, and smoothies of different fruits and vegetables. Then I make a small snack, where I make a shake of citrus fruits. And for dinner I try to eat tuna.”

Her pro tip: “Before fight I try to eat dark chocolate, which is a very good antioxidant and gives me energy.“

Munchies: How to Eat Like a Mexican Luchador