Vangelis' Neurosurgery Soundtracks

Dr.-Tegos-720x374Vangelis hat anscheinend Ende der 90er Soundtracks für jede Menge Gehirn-OPs eines Top-Neurochirurgen komponiert. Die Videos (NSFW, weil explizite Neurochirurgie) gibt's hier auf Vimeo, man findet die aus den Operations-Tapes herauseditierten Tracks aber auch im Soundcloud-Accound von Nev Dorrington, aus denen ich grade diese Playlist gebastelt hab'. Von Bladerunner zu Neurosplatter. Nicht schlecht, Herr Vangelis!

12 hours of unheard Vangelis music soundtracking films of various surgical operation films with explanatory dialogue from top neurosurgeon Dr Sergios Tegos. Originally available in 1998 as an expensive set of three 4 hour video tapes plus large book in a case and only available to practicing surgeons via Dr. Tegos. Vangelis was friends with the surgeon and had recorded music specifically for these tapes from special requests, as the subject matter could be ‘monotonous’.

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