DIY Papercraft Moebius Knot


Instructables-User Kamibox hat einen einseitigen Papercraft-Knoten gebastelt, ein Papercraft-Moebius-Loop-Knoten, oder so. Ich glaube nicht, dass das Teil wirklich ein zweidimensionales Gebilde im dreidimensionalen Raum ist, und schätze, dass die da ein bisschen papercraft-tricksen. Awesome it is, nevertheless. Templates zum Selberbasteln findet man hier (PDF).

FL19J68I4CN67KA.MEDIUMThe basis of the moebius knot was a simple overhand knot (The knot you make when someone tells you to make a knot). But instead, the ends are open and directly connected to the outer shape, turning their inside out. A lot of math and stuff that made my brain push the envelope when I made the model.

For our model, this means, it has no inside. You can’t fill it with water, even if it wasn’t made out of paper. It has no mass, despite the shell. Or you can make two points anywhere on the model and connect them. This is the power of only one side.

Instructables: Moebius Knot