Double Dick Dude has a Book: My Life With Two Penises


Der legendäre Double Dick Dude (@DiphallicDude) hat ein Buch geschrieben. Die Memoiren eines Mannes mit zwei Penissen. Dürfte das beste Buch aller Zeiten sein und selbstverständlich habe ich mir das Teil grade gekauft und selbstverständlich trägt das Teil den Titel Double Header: My Life With Two Penises und selbstverständlich erschien die Biographie eines Doppelpenis genau zu Weihnachten.

doubleheaderIn einem neuen Interview mit dem Rolling Stone erzählt er von seinem Leben nach dem AMA. Erstaunlich: Selbst einen Herrn mit zwei Pimmeln trollen die Arschlöcher aus den Internets. How dare you troll Double Dick Dude!

What did you learn about yourself from doing the Reddit AMA?
Having had two penises my entire life, I can't do anything but imagine what life with only one is like. When I look down at them I think, "That'd look really weird if there was only one down there." Then the AMA changed my perspective. Almost the entire male population of our planet looks down and sees only one. I noticed during the AMA a mixture of disbelief, jealousy and envy. Take it from the guy with two penises, teen years and high school are not made any better with an extra penis. My penises made life hell for a while. I discuss this in my book.

I learned from my AMA that even in 2014 people still have a really tough time grasping individuality and compassion. Besides the goofy jokes and questions people asked, some people were – and have been – absolutely terrible. People are still horribly judgmental about things they don't understand. They are nasty and hold a lot of resentment towards people and things they feel threatened by. […]

Why did you decide to write a book?
There are still a few questions that come through that weren't asked before, and I realized that there are still people who are genuinely curious. From girls who want to know how to handle their boyfriend being uncircumcised to guys wanting to know if they're gay or bisexual because my equipment turned them on. Really, it just stuns me almost a year later that people are still reaching out to me. So I thought I should put a book together and use that to answer questions; but also give voice to people who might feel lost in the cracks. Even today bisexual people like myself are given more grief than you'd realize. We're still "confused" or "cowards," "too afraid to admit we're gay." Which is a load of crap.

Rolling Stone: Love Me Two Times: The Man With a Double Penis Speaks Out (Doubledog-Bild via Shutterstock)

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