Bot Weekly: Newsletter for Algo-Art, Bot-Makers and Zͦ̈ÃL͂̆̆ͯ̇̂҉G̷̉ͭ̒̈̃̆͋Ò̵!͒̈͂̊̽̅

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Großartiger Newsletter für Twitter-Bots, Coding-Kunst und Algo-Poetry: „The week in bot news. New bots, algorithms, libraries, Twitter news, weird unicode, glitch art, artisanal retweets, and grass-fed free-frange z̦̯̯̠͞a͘l̪͈̯͙̤g͍͈̣̣̮̟͍̀o͉͓̙͎̝͇͡.“ Alleine aus der letzten Ausgabe könnte ich NC fast eine Woche lang füttern:

- Eyeo 2014 - Darius Kaz̿ͯ͒̍͊emi: „Code is weird. A simple `for` loop can, in a few seconds, generate more information than a human being can consume in a lifetime. When we make art with code, we have to confront this fact. So how do you compose for infinity?“
- @realdinogenera by @dbaker_h tweets "totally legit" dino names
- @lexicalorderbot (author unknown) replies with your tweet sorted lexically: ()aacdeeeeeehhiiikllllnnnooooprrrrsstttttuuuwwwxyy
- @_hartsick & @jimfingal are making 52 bots ėͧ҉ach this year and documenting their progress at!
- this unnammed youtube channel by @derekarnold is eerie and noisy and full of mysteries, it reminds me of the "footage" from William Gibson's
Pattern Recognition.

Bot Weekly by @beaugunderson & friends (via Algopop)

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Frankenstein vs Ingmar Bergman: Persona and the Monster

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Visual AI-Spaces Auto-Pilot

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Cylindrical Blue Screen of Death

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Stereographic Torus Knot

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Beautiful set of rules for artful learning

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BBC News Live-Nothing

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GATS on Driftwood and Skateboards from the 60s

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Dark Stock Photos

My favorite Tweetie-Bot for the next 5 Minutes: @darkstockphotos, „Extremely fucked up stock photography. An @ultrabrilliant abomination.“

3D-Rendering accepted as ID-Photo

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Freddie and Bruce and the Scream

So, the funny Actionfigureshenaniganstweetoh すえきち‏ @suekichiii bought Edvard Munchs Der Schrei and he's obviously having a good time.