Links: Al Quaedas new Butt Bomb, postapocalyptic Food, Werner Herzog Inspirationals, Portal Trick Shots and the transsexual Crime Scene Cleaner

25.12.2014 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier die Links, die in den letzten Wochen liegengeblieben sind, extra dick mit Feiertagszuschlag. Diesmal mit sexueller Revolution im Iran, einem 3kilo-Jesus aus Koks, Al Quaedas neuer Arschbombe, der CardsAgainstHumanity-Insel, Beardyman live in Köln, einem Sad Hulk Supercut und jeder Menge mehr, nach dem Klick:

Power and Money

Cerebros and the art of drug smuggling | Sphere: She almost got away with it. No one thought anything suspicious of the 76-year-old Laredo woman with the seven-pound Jesus. Lots of people walk around with big Jesuses at Easter in the cultural limbo that straddles the southern US and northern Mexico. And elderly religious women don’t always raise flags. Somehow, something about this woman did—and for good reason. Her cocaine statue, a mix of plaster and dissolved cocaine, is a single snapshot of the surreptitious creativity that abounds in Mexico and is increasingly required to flow drugs across and into the United States. Like an underworld version of the savants who channel their ingenuity into pocket electronics in Silicon Valley or disease-busting in Atlanta, creativity is behind this. And behind that creativity are drug smugglers.

Al Qaeda claims new Butt Bomb: Al Qaeda claims to have come up with the perfect recipe for a deadly bomb, it’s just too embarrassed to tell its legions of devoted followers where they are supposed to place it: inside their rectal cavity. Its a modern dilemma for a would-be retro-caliphate.

High heels and hijabs: Iran’s sexual revolution: For more than 30 years, the Islamic Republic has been obsessively battling against sex, but as with anything that is suppressed or banned, people have learned to sidestep the punitive regulations.

Stephen Colbert Is Dead. Long Live Stephen Colbert. - Bloomberg Politics: “The Colbert Report,” which is ending its nine-year run on Comedy Central on Thursday so that host Stephen Colbert can take over the “Late Show” when David Letterman retires in May, is thought of as a political show, and with good reason. Colbert’s faux-commentator character, a “well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot” as (the real) Colbert called him, was a brilliant lampoon of not just “Papa Bear” Bill O’Reilly, but, in a larger sense, the entire political media establishment, and its inability not only to get anything done, but to even have even a cogent conversation. Almost every time I watch either Fox News or MSNBC, I see people who still aren’t quite in on Colbert’s joke.

The Creepy, Kitschy and Geeky Patches of US Spy Satellite Launches | Science | Smithsonian: There may be method to the madness behind the outlandish designs of the National Reconnaissance Office mission patches

"Und da wurde mir klar, dass wir hinter McDonalds gefoltert werden": Auf mehr als 6.000 Seiten beschreibt der Bericht des amerikanischen Senats, wie die CIA vor einem Jahrzehnt weltweit Terrorverdächtige folterte. Der gebürtige Bremer Murat Kurnaz war zu dieser Zeit Gefangener in Guantanamo. Bei Jung & Naiv redet er über fünf Jahre im Lager, Folter und Fangfragen des Kanzleramts, dessen Abgesandte ihn in Guantanamo verhörten und zurückließen.

The Elf on the Shelf is preparing your child to live in a future police state, professor warns - The Washington Post: For some, the Elf on the Shelf doll, with its doe-eyed gaze and cherubic face, has become a whimsical holiday tradition — one that helpfully reminds children to stay out of trouble in the lead-up to Christmas. For others — like, say, digital technology professor Laura Pinto — the Elf on the Shelf is “a capillary form of power that normalizes the voluntary surrender of privacy, teaching young people to blindly accept panoptic surveillance and” [deep breath] “reify hegemonic power.”

A Charter Pilot Becomes an Unwilling Mule for 1.5 Tons of Cocaine - SPIEGEL ONLINE: It started as a routine charter flight. But when the business jet landed in Venezuela, armed men loaded 47 sacks of cocaine on board and forced the crew to fly the cargo back across the Atlantic. Since then, the German pilot has been living under an assumed identity.

Bloomberg Graphics - A Pessimist's Guide to the World in 2015 - Global Hot Spots: Bloomberg News asked foreign policy analysts, military experts, economists and investors to identify the possible worst-case scenarios, based on current global conflicts, that concern them most heading into 2015.


Portal Trick Shots - YouTube

The $20 Game Designer’s Tool Kit | iQ212: All of the ingredients in this kit totaled under $20 and are available at a Dollar Store. Game design really is within anyone’s reach. There is a balance between the abstract and the specific, and to keep the theming approachable and neutral. You could certainly put in more tanks, or flowers, or princesses or robots to tailor the box to your budding designer.

Cards Against Humanity bought an Island and gave it away: A quarter of a million participants in a Chicago game-maker’s holiday fundraising campaign can now lay claim to small pieces of an island in Maine that the company bought this year and renamed “Hawaii 2,” according to Max Temkin, a co-creator of the popular party game Cards Against Humanity.


COMICS WITH PROBLEMS #66: The Four Days of FAR OUT GREEN: EASILY one of the rarest set of comics from the 1970s. If you're a collector of Fantasy Comics (the Heavy Metal and Frank Frazetta sort) DID YOU KNOW: That from the from 1971 through 1974, Frank Thorne produced a social welfare comic with a superhero named FAR OUT GREEN? […] Ludicrously rare comic set of Frank Thorne's social welfare comics for the Social Welfare Research Foundation, Trenton NJ
Issue 1, 2, 3, 4

All Along the Wall by Emily Carroll

Holiday Spectacular 2014 - Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Ep 38 - YouTube

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72 hours in Detroit: I can't imagine musicians such as Mike Banks or Jeff Mills doing the music they did in any other city than Detroit. If you imagined either of them growing up in Paris or Munich, we would not have Underground Resistance, it would be a very different kind of experience altogether. Because I've witnessed what has been going on since the eighties when the inner city black and Latino youth jumped on the bandwagon after the more expensive gear finally became cheap second hand—and then started to take chances.

The Advisory Circle present 'Winter From Out Here' by Cafekaput on Mixcloud

The Advisory Circle present 'Winter From Out Here' by cafekaput | Mixcloud: The Advisory Circle celebrate the release of their new album 'From Out Here' on Ghost Box with this all-vinyl hour of library music, electronics, obscurities, curiosities and current favourites.

Beardyman - "Distractions" Tour, 2014, Cologne, Germany - YouTube: Download here. Live improvised gig using my brain, voice and the Beardytron5000 mk4. The mk4 features a drum machine of my own design which works by referencing an on-the-fly automatable 3d grid of 256 x 16 unique patterns which can be dynamically combined to produce unique drum pattern sequences switching at any point in the bar. It also features an Ableton/Massive based synth workstation controlled from lemur for ipad that has taken over a year to get from initial prototypes to gig ready awesomeness.

DJ Morgoth - Mash-Up Your Bootz Vol. 7

Playing “Pet Sematary” with CJ Ramone (mit Videos) « SPREEBLICK: Johnny: „Ich hab’ mit CJ Ramone “Pet Sematary” gespielt! Im Ramones Museum! Mit Musikern von den Adolescents!“

Bose -- Fatboy Slim on his hit single 'The Rockafeller Skank' (Film - English) - YouTube: In the final episode of Behind The Sound, we join Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim taking a look at his breakthrough track 'The Rockafeller Skank'.

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Warp 25 - Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1 - 13-Dec-2014 by user681004695 on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Laraaji – I Am Sky [All Saints]
Clark – Herr Barr [WARP]
Bibio – Dye The Water Green (session) [WARP]
Prince – U KNOW
Chris Morris – Lamacq Sting
Nightmares on Wax – You Wish [Warp Records]
The O’Jays – Got to give the people what they want (umbo edit )
Nightmares on Wax – Now Is The Time [WARP]
The Sylvers – Handle it (Scrimshire edit)
Lagos – Pyramids [WARP]
Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest Transmission [WARP]
Legowelt – Elements Of House Music (Actress Remix) [Clone]
2562 – New Life [WARP]
Mount Kimbie – Home Recording [WARP]
Barnt – 022151025Xx [WARP]
Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray (DJ Koze Remix) [WARP]
Bakey Ustl – Nose Candy [WARP]
Squarepusher – Story Glass (DEMO) [WARP]
Clark – Cascave [WARP]
Wax Stag – Valley Of Ice [WARP]
Clark – Bonkle [WARP]
Rumah – SC1 [Blueprint Limited]
Marquis Hawkes – Like That [Clone Jack For Daze]
Clark – Wardup [WARP]
Clark – Untitled [WARP]
Clark – Beacon
Squarepusher – The Running Man [WARP]
patten – & Our Wild Paths Intersect [WARP]
ALAK – My Love Is The Best (Patten Remix) [WARP]
patten – இனிைமயாகவும் ஆய்வு [WARP]
patten – Sixth Seven [WARP]
Hauschka – Two A.M. (Patten Remix)
Missue – Lhotse [WARP]
Flint Kids – Geebee [WARP]
Cloud Boat – Prelude [WARP]
Mr. Bill – Fingernail Compost [WARP]
Aphex Twin – Syro [Piezoluminescence Mix]
2ndMOUSE – Always [WARP]
Mr. Projectile – Cured
Rival Consoles – Recovery [WARP]
Mitoma – Inner Light (Roel Funcken Remix) [WARP]


Was isolated from 1999 to 2006 with a 486. Built my own late 80s Operating System - Imgur: In the late 1990s, my parents divorced, and my mother took my brother and myself and had us go live in a very rural area of Australia with a psychopath who was wanted in 3 states. This was our new stepfather, so we were to remain in isolation so that he wouldn't be found. This being said, we were not allowed to leave the house after school hours, nor use the internet, nor own mobile phones. Before leaving, my dad left me an Osborne 486, with a whoppping 640k of extended RAM if memory serves me correctly. […] I was not allowed to rent books that were not strictly relevant to school work and this made the 6 hours after school incredibly slow, so I set to work making my own games and entertainment on this 486.

josephernest/bigpicture.js · GitHub: Ich glaube, mit der Lib kann man VR-Blogs bauen: „bigpicture.js is a library that allows infinite panning and infinite zooming in HTML pages. Demo hier:

The Secret Life of a Crime Scene Cleaner | Narratively: How a transgender Australian found her niche cleaning up after murders, suicides, and unimaginable filth of endless variation.

Computers in Crisis: This is an archive of books from Y2K – the computer date problem that became a phenomenon leading up to the year 2000. Massive computer failures were predicted if computers were unable to distinguish between the year 2000 and 1900 because year dates had been widely recorded in two digits, such as "98" instead of "1998." Common predictions included: mass power outages, failures at water filtration plants, loss of telecommunications, and the damage or loss of computerized records. In the United States especially, Y2K concerns received massive and prolonged attention as we approached the new millennium. It was a rare mainstream apocalyptic event.

Making of: airberlin´s first Boeing 737-800 in oneworld livery - YouTube

Dave Troy: Social maps that reveal a city's intersections — and separations - YouTube: Every city has its neighborhoods, cliques and clubs, the hidden lines that join and divide people in the same town. What can we learn about cities by looking at what people share online? Starting with his own home town of Baltimore, Dave Troy has been visualizing what the tweets of city dwellers reveal about who lives there, who they talk to — and who they don’t.

Home Computers Behind The Iron Curtain | Hackaday: I was born in 1973 in Czechoslovakia. It was a small country in the middle of Europe, unfortunately on the dark side of the Iron Curtain. We had never been a part of Soviet Union (as many think), but we were so-called “Soviet Satellite”, side by side with Poland, Hungary, and East Germany. My hobbies were electronics and – in the middle of 80s – computers. The history of computers behind the Iron Curtain is very interesting, with a lot of unusual moments. For example – communists at first called cybernetics as “bourgeois’ pseudoscience” (as well as sociology or semiotics), “used to enslave a mankind by machines”. But later on they understood the importance of computers, primarily for science and army. So in 50s the Eastern Bloc started to build its own computers, separately and “in its own way.”

From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular web sites every year since 1996 - The Washington Post

How Disney Was Hustled into Making the Trippiest Movie About Computers Ever | Motherboard: When you think about the early 80s, a few things probably come to mind: gauzy impressions of synthesizers, Hollywood blockbusters, and computers, all filtered through the saturated lens of degraded VHS tape. Computers are People, Too!, a Disney documentary about computer art released in 1982, might just be the defining artifact of this period. At the very least, it’s certainly the strangest.


Alexander Gerst’s Earth timelapses - YouTube

NASA | NASA Sees Holiday Lights from Space - YouTube: It’s official — our holiday lights are so bright we can see them from space. Thanks to the VIIRS instrument on the Suomi NPP satellite, a joint mission between NASA and NOAA, scientists are presenting a new way of studying satellite data that can illustrate patterns in holiday lights, both during Christmas and the Holy Month of Ramadan. These new tools can provide new insights into how energy consumption behaviors vary across different cultural settings.

Handwriting vs typing: is the pen still mightier than the keyboard? | Science | The Guardian: Computers may dominate our lives, but mastery of penmanship brings us important cognitive benefits, research suggests

How Headlines Change the Way We Think - The New Yorker: Those are all possible titles for this piece that I discussed with my editor. And, actually, the one that we picked may be the most important part of this article. By now, everyone knows that a headline determines how many people will read a piece, particularly in this era of social media. But, more interesting, a headline changes the way people read an article and the way they remember it. The headline frames the rest of the experience. A headline can tell you what kind of article you’re about to read—news, opinion, research, LOLcats—and it sets the tone for what follows.

How to build a human

Inside Beijing's airpocalypse – a city made 'almost uninhabitable' by pollution | Cities | The Guardian: The 21 million inhabitants of China’s capital appear to be engaged in a city-wide rehearsal for life on an inhospitable planet. Only it’s not a rehearsal: the poisonous atmosphere is already here

What to Eat After the Apocalypse - Issue 101: In Our Nature - Nautilus: Engineer Joshua Pearce explains how to feed 7 billion people after a global catastrophe.

The Secret Language of Tennis Champions - Issue 6: Secret Codes - Nautilus: Over the past four decades psychologists, linguists, and neuroscientists have developed a better understanding of the ways that twins like the Bryans communicate with each other. They have come up with the term “cryptophasia” to describe a secret language that twins share as kids. While scientists question whether cryptophasia constitutes a discrete language, they agree it offers a provocative look into the birth and development of language itself.

The itch nobody can scratch — The Matter Archive — Medium: this weird incurable disease that seems like it’s from outer space . . . Fibers in a variety of colors protrude out of my skin . . . they cannot be forensically identified as animal, vegetable or mineral. Morgellons is a slow, unpredictable killer — a terrorist disease. It will blow up one of your organs, leaving you in bed for a year.

What Gives the Morpho Butterfly Its Magnificent Blue? | Science | KQED Public Media for Northern CA: Some butterfly scales are colored by pigments. But others rely on something called “structural color” -– the production of color by nano-sized elaborate shapes that reflect and bend light. Structural color is why we perceive the Morpho butterfly, a dazzling type of blue butterfly found in South America, Mexico and Central America, as bright blue, along with peacock feathers, iridescent beetles and blue eyes.

Droht eine Islamisierung des Abendlandes? Mit welchen Tricks gezielt Ängste geschürt werden › Natur des Glaubens › SciLogs - Wissenschaftsblogs: Sie behaupten, "die Werte des Abendlandes verteidigen" zu wollen, für "die Aufklärung" oder gar "das Christentum" zu stehen und "unbequeme Wahrheiten" auszusprechen. Doch sie verdrehen bewusst Tatsachen und lügen, um Ängste zu schüren und Mitläufer zu gewinnen. Zeit für einen Faktencheck.


A Look at the Lives of Three Older Drag Queens in the Last Gay Bar in San Francisco's Tenderloin District - Feature Shoot: For Beautiful by Night, San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker James Hosking chronicles life in Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, the one and only gay bar left standing in the Tenderloin, a neighborhood that decades ago, was renowned for its thriving LGBT community. In tracing the nightly routines of three of its older drag queens— Donna Personna, Collette LeGrande, and Olivia Hart, Hosking traces the rich history and uncertain future of drag in the crime-ridden area.

Houshi (english) on Vimeo: Houshi Ryokan was founded around 1,300 years ago and it has always been managed by the same family since then. 
It is the oldest still running family business in the world. This ryokan (a traditional japanese style hotel) was built over a natural hot spring in Awazu in central Japan in the year 718. Until 2011, it held the record for being the oldest hotel in the world. 
 Houshi Ryokan has been visited by the Japanese Imperial Family and countless great artists over the centuries. Its buildings were destroyed by natural disasters many times, but the family has always rebuilt. The garden as well as some parts of the hotel are over 400 years old. Houshi (法師) means buddhist priest. It is the name of the family as well as of the hotel.

The Year In Great Sentences | Brooklyn Magazine

Meet the Dogged Researchers Who Try to Unmask Haters Online | MIT Technology Review: The troll turned out to be a quiet, skinny man in his 30s, wearing a hoodie and a dirty baseball cap—a sorry foil to Aschberg’s smart suit jacket, gleaming bald head, and TV-trained baritone. Aschberg’s research team had linked the man to a months-long campaign of harassment against a teenage girl born with a shrunken hand. After meeting her online, the troll tormented her obsessively, leaving insulting comments about her hand on her Instagram page, barraging her with Facebook messages, even sending her taunts through the mail. Aschberg had come to the man’s home with a television crew to confront him, but now he denied everything. “Have you regretted what you’ve done?” Aschberg asked, handing the man a page of Facebook messages the victim had received from an account linked to him. The man shook his head. “I haven’t written anything,” he said. “I didn’t have a profile then. It was hacked.”

Art and Design

Biotop from Polygonia on Behance: So I imagined species who live in a polygonic planet. Some are inspired by terrestrial species, some not. Each species has four to eight specimens coming from differents sub-species. I've started on Cinema 4D by creating a "species basis" who has all particularities of the species (extra legs, wings,...). I used some deformers (displacer, polygon reduction) in order to give the species his overall shape. Then I created each specimen by shifting some parameters on the deformers. Afterward, I rendered each specimen in Cinema 4D and postworked with Photoshop.

The Trailblazing Peruvian Photographer Who Captured a Vanishing World: In 1905, when the Andean photographer Martín Chambi was 14 years old, he traveled to northwestern Peru with his father, who had a job working in a gold mine there. At the time, there were no indigenous photographers in the country, and images of the Quechua people were mostly captured through the lenses of French and American photographers. But after meeting the photographer for his father’s mining company, Chambi became enamored with the camera. He soon apprenticed himself to Max T. Vargas — one of the earliest Peruvian photographers — and a legend was born.

townization: in search of an urbanization paradigm in present-day china: ‘townization’ is a thesis project by yang dingliang that provides innovative research with a planning and proposal for town-township development in present-day china, which has won the harvard university graduate school of design 2014 urban planning thesis prize. the work consists of three major parts: the analyzation of an alternative urbanization paradigm, the planning strategy of a new urban network that combines town and city, and the formation of xiaoyi to demonstrate how urban design and architecture strategies can be effectively implemented.

The 30 Best Book Covers of 2014 :: Design :: Galleries :: Paste

A Town, if Not a Painting, Is Restored - Grief has turned to gratitude for divine intervention — the blessing of free publicity — that has made Borja, a town of just 5,000, a magnet for thousands of curious tourists eager to see her handiwork, resurrecting the local economy. Nearby vineyards are squabbling over rights to splash the image on their wine labels. Her smudgy rendering is now held up as a profound pop art icon.


The Raid – The six-minute ‘True Detective’ tracking shot, and the night TV changed: If film is a hybrid of theater and photography, a tracking shot is something neither of those two art forms can replicate. Deployed judiciously, tracking shots can make you feel like you are experiencing some kind of heightened version of moving life. I like a lot of directors, but the ones I love tend to be able to move their cameras.

The Reason You Love “A Charlie Brown Christmas” — Cuepoint — Medium: Parents don’t get to choose their children’s fixations, and our culture provides a spinning wheel of franchises for kids’ attention to land on: Frozen, Monster High, Star Wars, American Girl dolls, Spider-Man, and on and on. Something just clicks — the outfits, a voice, whatever — and for a period of time a kid will just go mental, devouring that particular universe as if sucking on a washcloth until all the bathwater has been drained from it. As a dutiful father of a two-year-old, I have watched A Charlie Brown Christmas about 450 times so far this season. I don’t know why; it just is, and there’s nothing I can do about it. With weeks to go until Santa arrives, any time I might have spent doing/watching/engaging in anything else will be devoted to the same 22-minute loop written by Charles M. Schulz in 1965.

Embiggening English: The Simpsons and changing language | OxfordWords blog: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and their friends in Springfield, Wherever-it-is, have given us fancy words of pure invention, worthy of Lewis Carroll, like cromulent ‘legitimate, but not really’, and words built from worthy English parts, like the blend of opposites in craptacular ‘crappy, with attitude’ and embiggening ‘enlarging’, as well as catch phrases like cowabunga, dude!, and Don’t have a cow. Embiggening is the sort of word you make up from scratch when you’re lacking the edumacation to know that enlarge already exists, and edumacation is the sort of word you use if you also use embiggening. The infix -ma- is a Homerism, and it’s productive — metabomalism, pantomamime, macamadamia, saxomaphone — in words that already have too many syllables for Homer to handle. He hears and reanalyzes them in a rock-a-bye nursery rhyme rhythm. For all of Homer’s verbal pyromatechnics, however, Ned Flanders is the series’ king of indiddlyfixing.

Blue Christmas - An Original Video Essay
: In this original video essay, Michael Koresky and Casey Moore investigate the longstanding tradition of bleak midwinters at the movies (A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life are as sad and scary as they are, ultimately, elating), and we take a closer look at three of our favorite, if lesser-known, ones: Mon oncle Antoine, My Night at Maud's, and A Christmas Tale.

Lonely Hulk Supercut

Werner Herzog Inspirationals

The Best Movie Posters of 2014 on Notebook | MUBI

Every Episode of Every 'Star Trek' Series Ever, Ranked | Playboy: 1 – The movies don't count. 2 – The original, unaired pilot “The Cage” doesn't count. 3 – Two-part episodes count as one episode. This isn't as much of a crutch as you might think. Many two-parters start off great, then whiff in the home stretch. 4 – The episodes part of larger arcs (Dominion War, Xindi Superweapon) are treated individually if they have their own title without “Part X” in it. 5 – The Animated Series does count. You have an issue with that, send a telegram.


ANOMALY on Vimeo: Set against the space-race canvas of the 1960's, Anomaly is inspired by the traditional Christmas Nativity and explores, through a modern-day lens, the events of two-thousand years ago. It is a story about relationships that intertwine around an unprecedented astronomical event, as a couple navigate life's realities at a time of unfathomable significance. Filmed on location in NYC, Maine, Kansas, and Colorado, the film features Christian Cooke, Lexi Johnson, Andrew Sensenig, and Anthony Lopez.

The Grey Matter on Vimeo: An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life …but something strange is afoot.

Russian Roulette - WINNER Sundance London, Official Selection Sundance 2015 on Vimeo: London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a cosmonaut on chat roulette...


Hörspiel: Danger Zone Hamburg: Dezember 2013: Was ist da los in St. Pauli? Polizei-Sirenen heulen, Banner mit der Aufschrift "Welcome to Danger City" flattern im Wind. Und ausgerechnet eine Klobürste wird Symbol des Widerstands und zivilen Ungehorsams. Buch und Regie: Charlotte Knothe

Deutschlandradio Kultur: Techno goes Wissenschaft: Techno - das war einst eine große musikalische Neuerung. Doch was meint man heute, wenn man Techno sagt? Mit der Geschichte dieses Begriffs beschäftigt sich eine Ringvorlesung an der Berliner Universität der Künste. An der Berliner Universität der Künste hat gestern die Ringvorlesung "Technostudies" begonnen. Sie beschäftigt sich mit "Ästhetik und Geschichtsschreibung elektronischer Tanzmusik". Die Einführung zur Techno-Ring-Vorlesung haben die Musikwissenschaftler Kim Feser und Matthias Pasdzierny gehalten.

Von Tunis nach Sanaa - Eine Karawane durch den arabischen Frühling: Revolutionen laufen nie nach Plan. In Tunesien gab es nicht einmal einen. Aber dann verbrannte sich ein junger Gemüsehändler aus Protest gegen die tägliche Schikane durch tunesische Behörden. So beginnt die Erzählung über den arabischen Frühling. Vier Jahre sind seither vergangenen. Der revolutionäre Elan ist längst vorbei. Manche arabische Autokraten sitzen fester denn je im Sattel. Syrien, Libyen und der Jemen sind inzwischen zerfallende Staaten. In den reichen Emiraten am Golf wachsen die Hochhäuser weiter in den Himmel, als sei vor vier Jahren in Tunesien nichts geschehen. Fortschritt und Rückschritt, Hoffnungen und Resignation: Das sind die Motive der Erzählung über den arabischen Frühling. Aber er ist noch nicht lange zu Ende.

WDR-Hörspiel: Folge dem Schein: Geld ist die pure Abstraktion - ein reines Tauschmittel ohne Inhalt. Was passiert, wenn man dieses Prinzip unterläuft? Philine Velhagen hat beschlossen, sich dem Zufallsprinzip des Geldes zu unterwerfen. Sie folgt einem markierten Zehn-Euro-Schein. Buch: Philine Velhagen

Pegida und die Angst im Abendland: Pegida - das ist die Abkürzung für "Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes". Seit zwei Monaten gehen unter diesem Namen jeden Montag zahlreiche Menschen auf die Straße, zuerst in Dresden, mittlerweile auch in vielen anderen deutschen Städten, so auch heute Abend. Aus einigen Hundert sind inzwischen einige Tausend Teilnehmer geworden. Und jeder von ihnen scheint seine eigene Vorstellung davon zu haben, wogegen es sich lohnt, auf die Straße zu gehen: gegen "kriminelle Asylanten und die steigende Zahl von Asylbewerbern“, gegen eine "Islamisierung auf deutschem Boden“, gegen "die etablierten Parteien“, "die gleichgeschalteten Medien“, "den Euro“, "die USA“. Irgendwie von allem ein bisschen, und genauso scheint auch die Schar der Demonstranten selbst daherzukommen - als eine Mischung aus Wutbürgern und Frustrierten, zu denen sich gerne Rechtsextreme aus NPD und Hooliganszene gesellen. Und alle wollen das Abendland retten. Aber wie und vor wem?