Massive Multiplayer Online Drum Machine

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drumsIch hab' noch nicht ganz rausgefunden, wie das hier funktioniert, aber anscheinend ist das eine Twitter-Hashtag gesteuerte Multiplayer-Drummachine. Awesome! „MMODM is a Massive Multiplayer Online Drum Machine developed by Basheer Tome & Donald Derek Haddad at the MIT Media Lab, powered by the Twitter streaming API. Use the buttons above to modify and adjust the sequence, and those below to modify effects. You can create your own room with a second hashtag to jam with just your friends. To preview an instrument, click on its letter at the bottom.“

How it works
Tweet with #MMODM with a sequence of your notes. Feel free to reply to @playmmodm to play without over-spamming your feed.
To define a sequence, use square brackets [] and then a string of 16 letters a-z that each correspond to a different instrument. There are 16 beats in a loop. Use a '-' to rest. For example:
riff on this [a--a--a--abc--cc] with me on #mmodm

Massive Multiplayer Online Drum Machine, hier auf Github (via @johl)

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