What The Fuck is the The in The Fuck


Neu in meinem Lieblings-Language-Blog über Fuckshit – übrigens: Die Schnittmenge der Suchergebnisse für „Fuckshit“ und „Shitfuck“ ist gleich Null. Ich dachte, ihr solltet das wissen. – über das ich letzte Woche bereits gebloggt hatte und das jetzt eine Woche später immer noch mein Lieblings-Language-Blog über Fuckshit ist. Unfassbar! Außerdem hatte ich letztes mal vergessen, mir die phonetische Schreibweise von George Carlins sieben Worten ins Blog zu kleben: ʃɪt pɪs fʌk kʌnt kɑksʌkɚ mʌðɚfʌkɚ tɪts.

- What the fuck is the „the“ in „the fuck“? („What the ugly punk-ass fuck with green sprinkles do you think you’re doing?“)
- How many swears can we give? („we appear to be living in an era of hyperinflation of fucks and shits“)
- „…and a broke-dick piece of shit drill.“
- A week of Strong Language
- How many swears can we give?

Coprolalia—from the Greek kopros meaning “feces” and lalein meaning “to talk”—is usually associated with Tourette syndrome, although it appears in only 10 to 20 percent of Tourette cases. It has also been documented in people with brain injuries from stroke, encephalitis, and cerebral malaria. […] Take this list of the most frequently uttered coprolalic words in different countries:

UK: fuck, cunt, bastard, piss, sod, cock, shit, prick
USA: fuck, shit, bitch, asshole, bastard
Denmark: kaeft (shut up), svin (swine), fisse (vulva), kusse (vulva), pik (penis), røv (buttocks), pis (piss), gylie (animal feces), sgu (by God)
Spain: puta (whore), merda (feces), coño (vulva), joder (fornicate), maricon (homosexual) cojones (testicles), hijo de puta (son of a whore), hostia (holy bread)
Brazil: merda (feces), bosta (feces), filho de puta (son of a whore), bunda (buttocks), buceta (vagina), cacette (penis), caralho (penis), porra (sperm), vai tomar no cu (fuck off)