Content, forever: Algorithmic Essays

Algo-Essays von Darius Kazemi, die auf den ersten Blick richtig Sinn ergeben, in dem der Algorithmus Absätze durch Wikipedia-Links generiert:

textIt works, loosely, like so:
- Go to the Wikipedia article for the seed topic.
- Get the first 5 paragraphs that contain a link to another WP article.
- Grab a random paragraph from those 5, then grab a random link from that paragraph.
- Print out the sentence we got the link from, then go to the linked article.
- If there are images on the page, there's a 20% chance we grab an image at random along with its caption and print that out too.
- (If we hit a snag anywhere in this process, grab a random link from anywhere in the article and print that sentence then go to that article.)
- Start over at step 2. Stop if we hit our content limit.

Content, Forever by Darius Kazemi (via Waxy)