Happy 25th, Simpsons!

Die Simpsons werden heute 25 Jahre alt, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich dürfte die Simpsons seit ihrer ersten Staffel gesehen haben, die 1991 im ZDF anlief. Von den ersten 10 Staffeln habe ich sicher alle Folgen gesehen, wahrscheinlich auch von den nachfolgenden Staffeln. Irgendwann Mitter der 00ers habe ich dann ein bisschen die Lust an der Serie verloren, aber geliebt habe ich sie natürlich weiterhin und das Lego-Haus lege ich mir auch irgendwann zu.

The Simpsons began as a kind of updated version of The Flintstones, the 1960s primetime cartoon caper that stuck a pretty standard sitcom formula in a Stone Age setting; even Groening's concept was a reference to something the audience would have recognised from their childhoods. In those early Simpsons seasons – the animations more crudely drawn, the voices not quite as realised, the writers still fleshing out the family's personalities – there were flashes of this pop culture mining. But it's around the third season (1991-92) that it starts achieving the high notes that, arguably, made the comedy the decade's best.

That's perfectly encapsulated by the opening of the episode Bart's Friend Falls in Love, where Bart Simpson steals a jar of pennies from his dozing father. The entire scene is a glorious pastiche of the opening of Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark (itself a knowing tribute to those rough-and-tumble Saturday morning matinees Spielberg loved as a child), complete with Homer resembling a giant boulder in an epic chase down the stairs. It remains, more than 20 years later, one of the show's great, laugh-out-loud moments.

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