Disneys hyperrealistic CGI-Cartoon-Eyeballs

17.12.2014 Misc Tech #3d #CGI #Eyes

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Disney Research haben auf der Siggraph eine neue Methode zum 3D-Scannen von Augen vorgestellt, mit der sie ultrarealistische CGI-Augen hinkriegen. Dazu tasten sie die Sinnesorgane mit mehreren Kameras ab, jede optimiert für die Eigenschaften der einzelnen Augenteile (Augapfel, Iris, Hornhaut). Ich bin gespannt, wie lange wir CGI-technisch noch im Uncanny Valley rumlungern werden. Ich vermute, nicht mehr allzu lange.

eyesEven though the human eye is one of the central features of individual appearance, its shape has so far been mostly approximated in our community with gross simplifications. In this paper we demonstrate that there is a lot of individuality to every eye, a fact that common practices for 3D eye generation do not consider. To faithfully reproduce all the intricacies of the human eye we propose a novel capture system that is capable of accurately reconstructing all the visible parts of the eye: the white sclera, the transparent cornea and the non-rigidly deforming colored iris. These components exhibit very different appearance properties and thus we propose a hybrid reconstruction method that addresses them individually while respecting their inter-dependencies.

Disney Research: High-Quality Capture of Eyes (via Cartoon Brew)