Literature Classics as Fart-Lighters

Streichhölzer zum Anzünden von Fürzen und anderen Wohlgerüchen im Badezimmer, gestaltet wie die klassischen Buchcover von Penguin Books. Fart of Darkness wäre wohl meiner. No Winniehs Pooh, tho'.

Orange set: Great Expellations, Fart of Darkness, The Prince and the Pooper
Light blue set: Van Winkle Ripped, The Great Gasby, The Ill Wind in the Willows
Green set: Atlas Sharted, Jane Air, The Outhouse at Pooh Corner
Purple set: One Flew out of the Cuckoo's Bum, Animal Fart, Watershit Down
Yellow set: Howard's Rear End, A Back Passage to India, A Rest Room with a View
Blue set: Fifty Shades of Brown, Lord of the Farts, A Game on the Throne

Etsy: Collected Works of Literary Lites (via Boing Boing)