The Queens' Magic Mushrooms

psyloWas ist denn grade in England los? Erst ein grandioser Facesitting-Protest, und jetzt haben sie im Garten der Queen Magic Mushrooms gefunden! Psyllo-Queens wäre ja auch ein super Name für 'ne Magic Mushroom-Sorte. Royal Tripping, quasi.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms have been discovered on the grounds of Buckingham Palace in London […] A spokesman for Buckingham Palace confirmed the find. [Celebrity gardener Alan] Titchmarsh described the discovery as "a surprise," adding: "I won't be eating any." Neither, it seems, will any members of the royal family.

NBC: Magic Mushrooms Found in Queen Elizabeth's Garden at Buckingham Palace (Image via Shutterstock, spOnline-Übersetzungsservice)