Blu is painted black in Berlin



Grade im Moment lassen Bekannte von Blu sein weltbekanntes Piece (hier die beiden Timelapse-Videos von damals) an der Cuvry-Brache schwarz übermalen. Man beachte, dass die keine der Tags und Pieces am Boden crossen und anscheinend einen Mittelfinger stehenlassen, so als abschließende Geste. Paint it black and just like that… it's gone!

[…] it is not the city of Berlin doing that, neither it is the real estate developers who want to build a new residential complex at this empty spot. In fact, it is being done by the people related to BLU — the artist who made this painting. With his consent.

Sort of a desperate statement: having learned that a new house would be built at that spot with a panning view on the paintings (that would be preserved on the wall), the artists decided to paint them all black, so that nobody can take advantage of the original work… A “fuck you” gesture towards the city, towards the real estate company, but most of all – to all the people who love this artwork and everything that it’s come to represent. The argument of the people who are doing that is that Berlin is not the same anymore, that the real estate company will just use the artwork to sell apartments more expensive, that a new statement needs to be made at this new moment of time… In a way, they are doing exactly what the artwork says: “reclaim your city”.

Polysingularity: The Pessimism, Despair and Hypocrisy of Berlin’s Street Art (Bilder via Sascha Ulig und Marc Honniger, GIF von yours truly, via Blogrebellen, Metronauten)

[update] It's gone. Und leider haben sie den Mittelfinger ebenfalls übermalt. Es bleibt eine große schwarze Fläche und die Worte „Your City“. (via @leitmedium)