CIA-Torture, painted like Bushs

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tumblr_mxxcf8ca3O1t8gnc5o1_500Prachi Gupta von AnimalNY hat die Foltermethoden der CIA in George W. Bushs elaboriertem Kunststil gemalt. In dem Kontext will ich auch nochmal auf das tolle Tumblelog George Bush American Painter hinweisen, das Bush-Quotes auf seine Bilder klebt (Bild rechts). Snip von AnimalNY:

Since President Bush never fully looked into the details of the program he put into action, we thought it might be helpful to illustrate some of the gruesome examples of torture mentioned in the report and have him bear witness to them. In recent years, Bush has brushed away his crimes and revamped his public image with silly, innocent paintings. To be sure the president can understand the atrocities committed under his watch, we’ve represented them in an approximation of his own child-like painting style. This is what torture might look like through Bush’s eyes.


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