Spiderman smoking Hookah in Cairo

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Ein junger Fotograf hat Spiderman beim Shisha-Rauchen in Kairo fotografiert und die Bilder gehen in Ägypten anscheinend ziemlich steil. Mehr Cosplay in the Middle East, pls!

spidey2Twenty million people living in Egypt’s capital city - whose Arabic name is translated as ‘victorious’ at times and ‘vanquishing’ at others - push tiredly and grudgingly every day through a struggle to carry out the routine of their daily lives. But Hossam Atef, 20, a freelance photographer living in Cairo, decided to make the sad indifference stand out.

“We thought if Spiderman spent a normal day of an Egyptian’s life, what would happen?” Atef told Ahram Online. “He became exhausted!” exclaimed 21-year-old chef Atef Saad, who plays Spiderman on the streets. “Even Spiderman could not take it in.” For four days Spiderman has been shot on Cairo’s streets going about normal daily activities, with his photos going viral on social media. "In fact, all Egyptians are superheroes for enduring these difficulties every day," Atef added.

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