Gay Kiss-In at Burger King

Neulich haben sie ein schwules Pärchen aus einem Burger King geschmissen, weil die es wagten, sie in der Öffentlichkeit zu küssen und sich einige Rabeneltern beschwerten. Also haben sich vor ein paar Tagen jede Menge Homosexueller dort getroffen und rumgeknutscht, bis die Schwarte kracht. Bravo!

kissLast month, a couple aged 18 and 19 were told to leave the Plaza de los Cubos restaurant by a security guard after families allegedly complained that they were setting a "bad example" to children. One of the young men, who did not want to be named, told El Pais: "They said that their children didn’t have to see that." Other diners stood up for the couple and encouraged them to stay, but the guard insisted, and they eventually left in order to avoid more trouble.

A kiss-in protest organised by LGBT rights organisation Arcópoli was held by same-sex couples on 7 December in the same Burger King as a response to the incident, to applause from staff.

Independent: Kiss-in held at Burger King after gay couple was kicked out for display of affection