Specimen Box: Realtime-Visualization of Botnets

Das Office for Creative Research hat für Microsofts Digital Crimes Unit ein interaktives Echtzeit-Visualisierungs-System für Botnets gecodet.

The result is Specimen Box, a prototype exploratory tool that allows DCU’s investigators to examine the unique profiles of various botnets, focusing on the geographic and time-based communication patterns of millions of infected machines.

Specimen Box enables investigators to study a botnet the way a naturalist might examine a specimen collected in the wild: What are its unique characteristics? How does it behave? How does it propagate itself? How is it adapting to a changing environment?

Specimen Box combines visualization and sonification capabilities in a large-screen, touch-based application. Investigators can see and hear both live activity and historical ‘imprints’ of daily patterns across a set of 15 botnets. Because every botnet has its own unique properties, the visual and sonic portraits generated by the tool offer insight into the character of each individual network.

Office for Creative Research: The Sight and Sound of Cybercrime (via Creative Applications)