Hypnotist Thief caught on Camera

In England haben sie zum ersten mal einen Dieb gefilmt, der sein Opfer per Hypnose in Trance versetzt und ausraubt.

A “hypnotist thief” apparently put the owner of an off-licence in a trance before rifling through his trouser pockets and stealing the day’s takings. Friends have said Aftab Haider, 56, the owner of independent wine merchants Hops and Pops in Highgate, north London, was “stunned” by the theft of hundreds of pounds in cash. The raid mirrors techniques used as entertainment by street magicians and is the first time its use in crime has been captured on CCTV in the UK.

The suspect, an Eastern European man wearing a black bomber jacket, brushed past Mr Haider as he placed a bottle on a shelf, and gently tapped him on the arm. A few seconds later, the suspect made a stabbing gesture with his right hand at eye-level which appeared to leave Mr Haider, known as Aziz, mesmerised.

Evening Standard: Shopkeeper 'placed in trance by hypnotist' during theft in north London (via Arbroath)

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