6.341.973.478 Tweets on a Map


Vor vier Jahren begann Eric Fischer damit, Karten aus Geotags zu erstellen, vor zwei Jahren stieg er damit von der Flickr- auf die Twitter-API um und nun hat er fast drei Terabyte an komprimierten JSON-Daten am Start aus nicht weniger als 6.341.973.478 Tweets, die er jetzt auf einer Karte visualisiert hat.

I’ve been tracking geotagged tweets from Twitter’s public API for the last three and a half years. There are about 10 million public geotagged tweets every day, which is about 120 per second, up from about 3 million a day when I first started watching. The accumulated history adds up to nearly three terabytes of compressed JSON and is growing by four gigabytes a day. And here is what those 6,341,973,478 tweets look like on a map, at any scale you want.

I’ve open sourced the tools I used to manipulate the data and did all the design work in Mapbox Studio. Here’s how you can make one like it yourself.

Mapbox: Making the most detailed tweet map ever (via Creators Project)