Subverting Chinas Regime with Marijuana-Era

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xiDas chinesische Regime geht verstärkt gegen Wortspiele vor. Anlass ist die neueste Anti-Regime-Meme, in der Regierungskritiker die chinesische „Dama Era“ ausrufen, die Marijuana-Ära. Das Wortspiel kommt aus dem selbstverliehenen Spitznamen „Daddy Xi“ von Superdiktator Xi Jinping und seiner Angetrauten „Mama Peng“. „Da“+„Ma“=大麻, „Marijuana“. Ich liebte die mittlerweile schon Tradition gewordene Protestkultur in China, die mit Hilfe von Wortspielereien und Internet-Memes die Zensur zu umgehen versucht. Jetzt also das Diktatoren-Pärchen als THC-haltiger Linguistik-Remix von Cheech & Chong. Toll!

The “marijuana era” is happening in China. That’s thanks to a clever pun that pokes fun at the country’s leader, Xi Jinping, and has been circulating around China’s web. The pun subverts the cult of personality growing around Xi and first lady Peng Liyuan, who is also a well-known singer.

This is how the pun developed: At a celebration earlier this year of Teachers’ Day in China, Xi picked up the term of affection “Daddy Xi.” Last week, an ode to the president and first lady—”Daddy Xi loves Mama Peng“—extended the filial reverence to Peng. The first character in “daddy” is 大, pronounced “da.” The first in “mama” is 媽, pronounced “ma.” Combining those two, you get “dama.” That is a homonym for 大麻, “marijuana.”

“And so we enter the Dama [marijuana] Era,” one internet user quipped on Weibo (link in Chinese). Subversive wordplay like this is most likely the real reason China’s media regulator has promised to crack down on puns.

Quartz: GAINED IN TRANSLATION – Why China is now banning puns

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