OK Gos Album encoded in DNA

OK Go wollen ihr nächstes Album als DNA veröffentlichen. Ist freilich ein (weiterer) PR-Stunt, aber ein sehr netter: Durch die Encodierung der Mucke in DNA entsteht zusammen mit dem Album eine biologisch-zelluläre Remix-Maschine, was ja schon aus Prinzip ziemlich toll ist.

“Hungry Ghosts,” OK Go’s fourth studio album, was released a couple of weeks ago as MP3s, a CD, and a vinyl record. Later this year, it will be released as DNA. “Legally speaking, it’s unclear whether we will be able to sell the DNA to anyone, or how we would physically get it to them,” Kulash said. “This stuff is regulated really fucking heavily.” In theory, an OK Go fan would receive a small plastic vial containing a few drops of water. Dissolved in the water would be a few nanograms of DNA containing around a hundred thousand copies of “Hungry Ghosts.”

New Yorker: Petri-Dish Pop: OK Go’s DNA Album (via Reddit)

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