Science: Bankers are professional lying Pricks by Identity

Superinteressante Studie an der Uni Zürich: Mitarbeiter aus dem Finanzsektor, die sich selbst als Banker bezeichnen, bescheissen und lügen zu einem relevanten Teil mehr, sobald sie sich selbst in einem professionellen Kontext einordnen, also als „Banker“ handeln, und nicht als Privatperson.

Fast noch interessanter: Ein kleiner Kern von „Super-Bankster-Trollen“ lügt und bescheisst bei jeder sich bietenden Gelegenheit. Die Wirtschaftswissenschaftler kamen zu dem Ergebniss, dass Lügen und Betrügen zur Identität des Banker-Berufsbilds gehört. This explains everything.

Schade, dass George Carlin nicht mehr lebt, weil der hatte es schon immer gewusst und hatte offensichtlich wortwörtlich Recht: Businessmen are completely full of shit.

The people who were primed to think about themselves as an everyday person did not lie about their results (despite the fact there was ample room to do so). But the group who were primed to think of themselves as bankers tended to lie significantly more – they misrepresented [the] results [of the test] about 16% of the time and more than a quarter of the “bankers” group cheated.

Much of this lying and cheating can be attributed to the small population of bankers who were quite happy to lie in almost every flip of the coin if it benefited them. But the study indicates that by simply prompting a person in the financial services industry to think about themselves as a banker means they are more likely to cheat. […]

The study also tested members of other professions who, when prompted to think about themselves in professional terms, did not lie and cheat more. There was no difference among the cheaters and non-cheaters in terms of competitiveness. Cheating was also not simply the result of people thinking that everyone else was doing it and so it was OK. What seemed to prompt bankers to cheat on this test was when they thought of themselves as bankers.

The Conversation: Bankers will lie at the toss of a coin – but only when at work, says new study (Image via Shutterstock)

Paper: Business culture and dishonesty in the banking industry